Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thank you to our loyal customers!-OUR BIG SALE

Whewwww- busy couple of days! We had our big Anniversary Sale this weekend at Miss Persnickety Joon. 
 If you have never been to this store before, check it out! Think Upscale consignment.  The place is very cool and I have found the best shoes there for Pearson.
 It's located on North 3rd in the garden district in Monroe. 
  Now, back to the sale... We wanted to celebrate being open for one year and offer a big discount on our Fall'12 and Spring '13 items.   We had everything organized by size- it ranged from baby onesies all the way up to XL adult.
 Everything in the boxes was at least half off. Thanks  to all of you that came, supported and stocked up!!
 It was busy! We saw lots of old friends, and met some new Ones. Plus- we loved seeing your kids!!  Little RL came Friday night wearing her crawfish shirt and matching bow.
 Loved seeing her, her brother Ruddick and her mama Julie.  Here is Julie and our friend Amy
- I graduated with them from WM. Here is The Perkins Family!
 If your family is anyway involved with cheer leading or gymnastics, then you probably know Tommy Perkins. We got to see  Jayme Garvin and her two precious boys!
 My sweet hubs got to hold the adorable Jon Michael Storm while his mama shopped.
 I know Brent is counting down the days until Jon Michael and Mr P get to going hunting with their daddy's.
  Anyway, we Can't wait to introduce all our new fall designs to everyone. Stay tuned. We will be rolling them out one after another. Also, We should have the Panther, Eagle and Vintage Tiger ready in the next week or so. We will post on Facebook when they are in.


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