Monday, September 9, 2013

NEW Fall Designs

We have a few new designs we have been working on for Fall that aren't school mascots. On a side note, I've been shocked as to how popular all those mascot shirts have been.... If we haven't designed one for your school yet, it is because we have literally been running out if time, BUT, we will get to it.  
  Now, back to our new fall designs. These were all actually drawn before we had Phoebe.
Miss Phoebe in her Bayou Bandit Onesie
 I worked real hard to get these done before her summer arrival bc I didn't know how much time I'd have. The first one is our skull.


 I like to call it Tales from the Bayou. When I first started drawing it, having the swamp/cypress trees in his eyes was not in the plan.
It just kind of happened. Brent and I got to talking about that HBO show "Tales from the Crypt " and voila...Tales from the Bayou emerged.
Yes- I wanted this to be great for Halloween, but also wanted it to be just kind of rock in roll looking for a kid. Right now, it's only available in sizes 2,4,6 and 8. 
  Next we have the Big deer shirt. My hubs (and Kelly Jaubert) have been begging since last fall. FINALLY!!! This ole white tail buck took awhile.
It went thru some changes. At one point, he even had a hat on and a hunting vest.
But in the end, he came back down to reality.
 It's being printed as large as possible in a dark dark brown on a lighter coffee colored tri blend shirt. This one will be in youth (2,4,6) and adult (S,M,L,XL and XXL) shirts. Also going to print of few of them on the coolest looking color block sweatshirts. This shirt will be introduced at this Saturdays Downtown River Market  in Monroe. (Sept 14th from 10am-4pm).
  We also have an elephant shirt coming out that is a tribute to Shirley the Elephant. Do u guys remember her?? The crippled elephant that lived at our zoo (Louisiana Purchase gardens & Zoo) for many many years.
She had been in an accident during her younger years while performing with the circus.
Good news...She is still alive and doing very well up in an Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Do u guys remember hearing how she was reunited with an old friend, Jenny the Elephant, and the two were inseparable until Jenny's passing??
 Such an amazing story! I read that Shirley's favorite food were apples (my fav fruit!) so I had to make sure to include those in the design.
I have the best memories of taking art lessons at the zoo under Kathy Amman Vellard and being a junior zoo keeper for quite a few summers. Thanks Mom and Dad! Do they still offer things like that during the summer? Anyway, the design is being printed in youth and adult shirts in red and black on a tri blend light blue tee. Also printing a few on these vintage looking baby blue off the shoulder sweatshirts with pockets. 
  A wild hog is in the works be continued on him!!
  Thanks as always for reading. To order online, If you want to save on shipping and pick it up your order at Miss Persnickety Joon's new store on Antique Alley, enter promo code PICKUP at checkout.