Thursday, February 15, 2018


YAY!!! It is finally (almost) here....Our BIG annual box sale is coming VERY SOON... on Saturday, Feb 24th from 7:00am-11am in West Monroe, LA. The location is the same as the past two years- at Ark La Tex Window & Door on North 7th Street in West Monroe.  Why do we have it here?? This is Brent's (Mr P's Co Owners) "Real" job location. He and his dad have this business and it has the most covered space we can find (plus parking) and not have to rent a building.

The actual address is 2804 North 7th Street~ down the road from Trenton Street Golf Course and Hot Tots Consignment. Hope these little maps help....

We are opening up the doors a little earlier than last year. Start time is 7:00AM. Here is a few pics from last year.

Here is some basic info for ya that we get asked a lot.....
"What time should we get there?" As early as possible-especially if you are wanting to snag youth shirts. The 2t's,4t's and 6t's seem to be what goes the fastest. Next would be the Adult mediums.

"What kind of payment are you guys taking?"- Cash and Debit/Credit only. No checks at all. We will have 3-4 check out lines. Some will be cash only and others with be debit/credit only.  Please note that there are NO exchanges after this event. All sales final. 

"Will you still have the sale if it rains?"- YES! The sale will happen rain or shine. Please note that shoppers will be standing outside while they wait to come in. If you think it might start raining, please bring an umbrella. We haven't seen an extended forecast yet.

"How do you get in the Door?"- You just wait in line. First come, first serve. It doesn't cost anything to come shop. We try to get around 15 or so shoppers in the door at a time (due to fire marshal). We ask that people try to take 15 minutes or less so everyone can get a chance to look. Our "bouncers" at the event try to keep the line moving.

"How are the clothes organized?" They will all be in boxes labeled by what size they are. There will be everything from baby sizes on up to Adult X. Please note that our youth shirts run Small- So... if your child normally wears a 3t in Carter's, you will want to look at a 4t in our shirts.

"Will you put anything for sale online?" YES! After the box sale is over, we will start posting as soon as we get the sale items on our website ( They will be listed for the same exact prices that were at the box sale.

"What are the Prices??" 

"Since I'm your friend, can I please come shop earlier that week?"  Please no. Please don't ask. We try super hard to make it fair for everyone. The only folks we let shop early are our handful of volunteers who give up their Sat morning to come help us work the event for free. 

We appreciate all the excitement over this sale!!! We promise to have a tray or two of Chicken minis being passed around again for all the early birds in line.

Stay tuned for results of our Brand Rep Search results.
Deadline to enter is TODAY (Feb 15th by 6pm). On Instagram only.
We will announce the winners on Monday Feb 26th. This gives us time to print out all the entries and go through them carefully.

*** Also- We will be back at the Monroe Junior League Spring Market again with all new designs- March 23rd-25th at the Monroe Civic Center.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"Show Me Your Feathers"

Let the Good Times Roll.....

 It has been awhile since we lasted blogged (June 3rd to be exact). This Fall has been incredibly busy with our "real" jobs, the Two P's, and then going to Lafayette, Alexandria, Lake Charles and Ruston to do some markets and help spread the Mr P's love around :)
 And, Oh yeah, .......we found out we are expecting Baby #3 this coming summer...
It has been nuts to say the least!

  We did get to have a quick fun little photo shoot right before Christmas in Downtown Monroe, La (aka DOMO) along the Ouachita River at Restaurant Cotton ( Pics were taken out front and in their separate upstairs area ~ The Planters Bar.  Special thanks to them for allowing us to do this!!! 
  Whoop Whoop!! We were able to get the very talented Kelly Moore Clark to come take the pics (if you have been living under a rock, and don't follow her on IG, please crawl out and do so ASAP)

Her family, her life and her very cool house/barn will inspire you for 2018.  One day I am sooooo going to copy her and build us a big red barn to live in!!! P keeps trying to win the dang Brookshire's games and buy us a cow!! And I'm def down with that!! 

So now back to the shoot......

  We got one of our brand reps, Sarah Cady, and her fiancĂ©e Phillip Diehl to come pose. We thankfully got him during the off season of baseball.
It is so sweet being around a young in love couple!!!
They get married in Nov 2018. Phil is a left handed pitcher for the New York Yankees Organization~ so Cool!!
I know Sarah is going to be the more gorgeous bride!!! (and I love that green hat she has on too!)

  Next we got the Cole Family to come pose!!
Brandi is just HOT! There is really no other way to put it!! Hahaha And sweet!!! Her hubby Dave is so much fun and I loved seeing him dance around with that umbrella!! Progressive Bank is lucky to have him.
Their two precious kiddos are Cooper and Annie- they are dolls!!!!!

  And then we got The Pilcher Fam!! You guys have seen them pose for us before. We love them!! Well, we love Meredith and Regan and now Michael......hehehehhe. Just kidding Ryan!

Regan and Cooper are good buddies and our two kiddos love them too.
Everyone knew each other and could joke around and be relaxed.
This was on of my fav photos of Mer and Brandi. :) 

  Our right hand woman BreAnne was there to help get everyone going while I was picking up the kids from school. She also was the official "Bead Thrower" for the shoot!!! Hahahaha those things don't throw themselves!!

And we tried to pull off Abbey Road...but it was a little tough to explain to 4,5 and 6 year olds :)

Phoebe and Regan are both in 4t's, Pearson is in a 6t

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No! It's a ton of BEADS coming our way!!!!

Here is a close up of the art work...

One is even shouting down to another "Show Me Your Feathers". 100% hand drawn. Designed and printed in Louisiana.
What more could you ask for?!?

And since you read this blog all the way to the end..... we will go ahead and let u in on a little promo code to get FREE SHIPPING on your online order from now until New Years Day... use code SHOWMEYOURFEATHERS at check out (and make sure it is in all caps). Expires JAN 1st at midnight.

Thanks for reading!!!

A couple of behind the scenes...

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Latest Shirt That Gives Back.....THE BOSS

We are excited to announce that the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo has a new addition.....We like to call him The Boss......


He is a 19 month old African male Lion who came to the Monroe zoo all the way from New Jersey. So what should you expect from a 19 month old lion??? Think of him like a 12-13 year old boy. He is not sexually mature yet and doesn't have his full mane yet either. This handsome "little" man weighs around 400 lbs and should develop his full mane around 2 years old.  He looks like he has a beard!

He has been slowly introduced to their existing female lion named Baja. She has lived alone for the past 6-7 years after her mate Zomba died of cancer. We hope she loves her new young companion!!! Rocko is a friendly personable lion and will on display starting with Zoobilation on Sat. June 10th, 2017 from 10am-5pm.
Come on out and meet him for the first time!!!!  Plus enjoy tons of fun stuff for the kids to do :)

  We designed a special "Shirt That Gives Back" depicting our interpretation of "The Boss". Here is the original pen and ink drawing and then Jeff Smith added all the color to it!! Great job as always Jeff!!

For all you youngsters out there who don't know who The Boss is....go google the name Bruce Springsteen.
Bruce is an all american singer song writer who is widely known for
  "his brand of poetic lyrics, Americana working class and sometimes political sentiments centered on his native New Jersey, his distinctive voice, and his lengthy and energetic stage performance-with concerts from the 1973 to the present decade..."  Source Wikipedia.

    He is basically one of the worlds best selling artists of all time and has sold more that 120 million records world wide. You would always see pics of Bruce in denim shirts and head bands with American flags.

 For a split second we thought about a Jersey Shore theme (hahah) for the shirt, but so glad we left "The Situation" out of this. LOLOLOL

 Since the Lion is the "King of the Jungle" only makes sense that this young fella will be The Boss of the zoo. Well, honestly, Baja will probably be the Boss of him for now. :) Older women ROCK!!!

  So what will this shirt help with??

General Curator of the Zoo, Lisa Taylor,  shared with us that they really wanted to refurbish the inside of the lions exhibit with new furniture!! This means, new landscaping inside of it like big boulders for the cats to lay on, logs, animal safe plants and a sand pile. You guys know we love to help the zoo anyway we can. Our kiddos love it and so do we.
  20% of every "The Boss" tee sold will be donated to the Zoological Society to help fund this project. We will have the tees for sale in person at the Zoo during Zoobilation on June 10th and online after that at  We will have them in Youth and Adult Tees (crew and v-neck).

Thanks for reading

P. S. I don't know if people ever comment on social media what a good job all the animal care takers at the zoo are doing, but let me tell ya'll...these folks LOVE the animals and work so hard to keep them happy.  And, I know they are working with limited resources and funds. 
   Thank you to the few that I have met (know there are tons more!!)... Jayme and Danni and Curator Lisa~ You women make me proud!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dress Up

"Playing Dress up begins at age five and never truly ends" ~ Kate Spade

3 friends traveled down winding road to reach their destination of a beautiful open space with lush green grass and twinkling lights. Young women, but still little girls inside, thrilled to be playing dress up. The sun was setting and the colors in the sky were beautiful like them. Innocent faces.
  3 friends sitting by the lake. Dreaming big dreams and then laughing at

   All the girls in fairy tales get to wear big poof-y skirts and this was no different.

                                           It was time to play dress up.

  Ellie slipped on the gorgeous cotton boll skirt.  Her red hair sparkled and her creamy skinned glowed.
She was King Cotton. Or I guess we should call her Queen Cotton. :)

Taylor has these deep soulful eyes and wore the skirt made to stand tall like stalks of corn waiting to be harvested.
She was The Black Bear patiently waiting on the hill.

And then there was Jordyn. Light as a feather and strong all the same.

She was the Dandelion in the group. Calm and whispering, surrounded by feathers.... To be young and free and beautiful again. I hope they realize how much they sparkle??!?!

And then the dream was over and it was time to go relax. Shorts and tees came on and they were instantly transformed back into comfortable teen.

3 friends enjoying the evening. Lights flickering above their heads. The world is their oyster....
The End. 

Thank you for a great night Ellie, Taylor and Jordyn, and all the moms who helped, and to the amazing Heather Land and her photography ( and the sharing of her place) and to Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA  for all the casual clothes for the event. I loved all the girls cut off shorts in particular. Ellie is a freshman at West Monroe High School, Taylor is a freshman at Ouachita High School and Jordyn is an 8th grader at Ouachita Junior High.

Behind the Scenes pics....
Mom helping daughter. Love this!

Those skirts were tied and pinned in every which of way!! 
Heather taking pics of Taylor
Me trying to adjust Jordyn's shirt 

Ellie's mom~ Rebecca ~holding Phoebe

Me hot glueing a freaking ton of corn husks!!!
And my sweet Mom glued every single cotton boll on that skirt!! Thanks Mom

And now Shirts from the Shoot...
 Big Slick on gray

V neck King Cotton (also available in a crew neck)

 Lousiana King Cat (also available in a V-neck)

 Loose fit Dandelion on Brown

Loose Fit Dandelion Scoop neck on light blue

Black Bear Farms Ringer Tee

****All shirts available for the first time in person at the Junior League of Monroe, LA Spring Market March 24-26th. Available online Monday March 27th at

Thank you as always for reading and your support!! Hope you liked seeing the "dream" and the behind the scenes "reality".... It truly takes a Village :)