Wednesday, February 26, 2020

2020 Brand Rep Winners.....

I won't give you guys the usual spill about how hard this was.... I know you know!!  Over 1200 photos to look through...... I prayed hard over all the entries multiple times!

  Brent (my hubs) laid down the law this year and told me we could NOT have as many as last year.... We are a small company and it gets expensive when you are sending shirts to tons of reps each month for a year!! So, we ended up with 11 (some are combos of siblings and friends)
  Thank you for putting yourself out there and applying. We use this search also to help us find models for different photoshoots. So, don't be surprised if you end up getting a random message from me. 

On a side note, we have just hit a snag in our resources for baby shirts. We have not been able to find any recently that are well made in the smaller sizes like 6-12 month or 12-18 month. We are on the look out though! Because of this, we did not end up picking any babies this year. No point since we couldn't dress them. :( I hope all you with cute babies will apply again when you are in a 2t or bigger. 

And now for the winners......

1) Twins Joseph and Jeremiah are in Pre K 3 and are just adorable! They like books and playing with their dog Hazel. Their nicknames  are Jojo and Miah and they will turn 4 in July. They live in West Monroe, LA.

2) Little Zoe is 2 1/2 years old and loves to be outside and play with her dog. She is from Monroe, LA.

3) The Pace kids- Meet Siblings Cheyanne, 9; Jaxon, 6; Colton, 5; and little Caroline who will start pre k in the Fall. The older siblings attend DCCS in Downsville, LA.  They all love the outdoors and live on a hobby farm that includes mini horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, etc.

4) Brayden is 4 years old and lives in Washington State. He is trying to play t-ball and soccer this year. You are so cute Brayden!

5) Twins Lexie and Sydney  ~ These girls are 10 and go to Cedar Creek School. They live in Ruston, LA. Lexie loves art and Sydney loves theatre.

6) Brother and Sister Duo~ Maggie and Dean~ are based out of Bastrop, LA where they are homeschooled. They are lucky enough to get to travel all over the United States. Maggie is in 5th grade and loves gymnastics. Dean is in 2nd grade and loves to play outside and meet new people while they travel. 

7) Introducing Livi- She is a gorgeous freshman at West Monroe High School and plays soccer. She likes to sing, listen to music and make TikTok videos!!

8) And now Caleigh- She is a Senior at West Ouachita High School. She is a hurdler on the track team and a varsity cheerleader. Her favorite hobbies are tumbling and running.

9) I like to call the next two best friends, The Adventures of Corrine and Lydia~ Think Thelma and Louis!! These two girls live in Maine and have been friends for 12 years. They do everything together like hiking, wineries, kayaking and fishing. They have even played field hockey together. These girls are ACTIVE! Corrine loves all animals and is an engineer at ND Paper. Lydia loves exploring Maine and is in Elementary Special Education.

10) Meet Anna! She is a gorgeous "retired" pageant girl who loves to travel, exercise, and read. She works with her families business, The Kirksey Agency in West Monroe, LA. She is a WMHS grad and also an LSU grad!! Geaux Anna!!!

11) And last but not least, meet Victoria. She is currently in grad school at the University of Southern Mississippi where she is obtaining her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. (She was also a Loyal DAWG from Louisiana Tech!!)  She loves the elderly and writing is her thing :)

Oh wait, I almost forgot....... and Meet Seger - our new Dog Rep!! He is a 5 year old Golden Doodle from Winnsboro, LA. He loves to ride in the truck and be held like a baby!! He thinks he is human!!

Thank you all again for applying. Mark your calendar for our big Spring reveal at the Monroe Junior League Spring Market at the Civic Center Friday, March 20th- Sunday, March 22.  We will have 6 brand new designs!!


P.S. Big thank you to our last years reps for working so hard to help promote our company. We love ya'll ~  Ace, Sims, Teller, Maggie, Laken, Hayden & Harper, Adon, Ruthie, Jackson, Brooklyn, Jude, Reed, Adisyn, Jewell, Ryah, Mattie, Shelby, Hannah, Rachel, Breanna, Hally and Magnolia.

Monday, January 27, 2020

BIG Box Sale 2020

YAY!!! It is finally (almost) here....Our BIG annual box sale is 6 DAYS away!!!!  THIS Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 from 7:00am-11am in West Monroe, LA. The location is the same as the past four years- at Ark La Tex Window & Door on North 7th Street in West Monroe.  Why do we have it here?? This is Brent's (Mr P's Co Owners) "Real" job location. He and his dad have this business and it has the most covered space we can find (plus parking) and not have to rent a building.

The actual address is 2804 North 7th Street~ down the road from the old Trenton Street Golf course... Hope these little maps help....

Start time is 7:00AM. We will try hard to get there a few minutes before 7 (we are just dealing with trying to coordinate 3 kids, free labor, etc) Here is a few pics from some past box sales. 

Here is some basic info for ya that we get asked a lot.....

"What time should we get there?" As early as possible-especially if you are wanting to snag youth shirts. The 2t's,4t's and 6t's seem to be what goes the fastest. Next would be the Adult mediums.  Last year, folks that arrived around 6am had plenty to pick from. We did have a few die hards that camped out..... if you do this, please just note that there is not an outdoor bathroom. You may be running down to the gas station.....

"What kind of payment are you guys taking?"- Cash and Debit/Credit only. No checks at all. We will have 3-4 check out lines. Some will be cash only and others with be debit/credit only.  Please note that there are NO exchanges after this event. All sales final. 

"Will you still have the sale if it rains?"- YES! The sale will happen rain or shine. Please note that shoppers will be standing outside while they wait to come in. If you think it might start raining, please bring an umbrella. But- we just checked the extended forecast and it says Saturday is SUNNY with a low of 42 and a high of 60. Fingers crossed it stays like that.

"How do you get in the Door?"- You just wait in line. First come, first serve. It doesn't cost anything to come shop. Repeat, no entry fee. We try to get around 15 or so shoppers in the door at a time (due to fire marshal). We ask that people try to take 15 minutes or less so everyone can get a chance to look. Our "bouncers" at the event try to keep the line moving.
Everyone loves Robby the Bouncer!! 

"How are the clothes organized?" They will all be in boxes labeled by what size they are. There will be everything from baby sizes on up to Adult 3X. Please note that our youth shirts normally run Small- So... if your child normally wears a 3t in Carter's, you will want to look at a 4t in our shirts.

"Will you put anything for sale online?" YES! After the box sale is over, we will start posting as soon as we get the sale items on our website ( They will be listed for the same exact prices that were at the box sale. We usually have this up online by Sunday night. We will post on Instagram and on FB as soon as they are available.

"What are the Prices??" 

"Since I'm your friend, can I please come shop earlier that week?"  Please, Please, please, no.  It makes me uncomfortable because we truly try super hard to make it fair for everyone. The only folks we let shop early are our handful of volunteers who give up their Sat morning to come help us work the event for free. 

We appreciate all the excitement over this sale!!! We promise to have a tray or two of Chicken minis being passed around again for all the early birds in line, and some hot coffee.
 How many sales have you been to where they actually serve you some food?!?! We will also have some prizes for the first 15-20 folks in line....

AND FYI- Our brand rep search will be starting back up around the second week of Feb. Stay tuned for more info on Instagram to enter.

Also- SAVE THE DATE.. will be back to the Monroe, LA Junior League Spring Market March 20th-22nd with at least 6 new designs!!! 

Thanks for reading and all of your support!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Taco Sloth.....It's 4:20 somewhere....

One of our newest designs out this Spring was inspired by Marijuana... HAHAHA

I better explain....

Especially since I teach today's youth!!

 Back during the Christmas holidays, we were invited to a Tacky Christmas sweater party. So, like any busy mother, I googled "Tacky Christmas sweaters" on Amazon. Let me add that it was late one night--- I found two I liked and was pumped to see they were on Prime- YES!! Ordered. Done. I could check that off my list...
  When it came time to go to the party, Brent decided to stay home with the kids and I went. I wore sweater #1 which was really awful. Here is what it looked like... I even had a little Elf on the Shelf I carried around the party HAHAHA
Sweater #2 stayed in my closet. So... fast forward to the half day we were getting out for Spring Break. I decided to be FESTIVE!!
I got out my funny Sloth Christmas Sweatshirt. I love sloths and thought it was hilarious how he was eating on a candy cane. hahahah


Here I am thinking I am so cute!

I left for the day and my husband NEVER said a word about what I was wearing. 

I took my baby to day care at Claiborne CHRISTIAN School. I talked to the nice Pentecostal lady who worked in the nursery and everything.

No one said a word.

I then went to get ready for our office Christmas party. One of my co workers walked in and pointed and started laughing.

I still didn't realize.

I kept thinking that I was so fun and festive and full of holiday cheer in my tacky sweater!! lololololol
  And then he pointed out all the weed on the sweatshirt.


I thought that was tropical palm trees- OMG!!
I. D . I . O . T.

We were all dying laughing. And I ended up leaving it on all day for fun. I think I will bring it out every year at Christmas for a chuckle.

  So, I knew we needed to have a sloth tee... but we really didn't need him to be smoking anything.

We are a family friendly business!!! I first drew him on a flag pole with Donald Trump hair....
But we really aren't trying to make a political statement..So that design was scratched.

Then I drew him in a tropical shirt... kind of like the one I wore, but I just wasn't feeling it.
And then I started looking at the shapes of their hands and it hit me- He has to be holding something. What could he hold???

What do I love? Tacos!!! YES!! A freaking sloth holding a taco- it doesn't get any better than that!!!

   So, there you have it- That is how this shirt came to be.

And how cool is this- Our little baking Brand Rep Suzie up in Ohio (muddyoakhenhouse on Instagram) just had a "Taco Tuesday" party for her son Thomas who just turned 5.

Happy Birthday Thomas!!! Adorable!!

Thanks for reading-


Taco shirts available online at