Sunday, June 24, 2018


First off...


We learned that we won "Best Local Product" again this year in BayouLife Magazine's Bayou Buzz Awards. 
To think that we won this over some folks/businesses that we adore and respect like Kelly Moore Bags and Flying Tiger Brewery, is pretty amazing to us. 
  We are really appreciative and decided to take out an ad to thank all of you featuring our two kiddos ~ Pearson (aka Mr P) and Phoebe. 

Photo shoots are funny things. Especially when you are trying to do one for an ad in a magazine that will come out a whole month later. We wanted to show one of our newest tees ~ the Watermelon Chicken shirt and feature our kids wearing it in our big garden. When we found out we won, there was not a whole lot of time... luckily, our friend Kelly Moore Clark was able to squeeze in some pics for us one evening before the rain hit. 

So here is the new design....

They really are all hand drawn by me! No clip art!!! 

We try to create tees that have some sort of special meaning to us.......In our other life (besides  the tees, and me being a talented art teacher and Brent selling windows and doors, we like to pretend that we are "farmers".....

We like to "grow stuff!".... 

and we have a dozen Hens and they LOVE watermelon!!!!  YUM
Last year, you may remember that we grew pumpkins and we had a funny Pumpkin patch tee that represented our adventures in trying to grow them. 

 Art Imitating Life 

This year,
we are attempting watermelon and cantaloupe... so far, so good. But, the watermelon and cantaloupe are TINY!!! 

Nothing you want the public to see for the moment. They are smaller than my shoes!!!! Hahahah 

  Fake it until you Make it!!! - Right?!? 

  So, poor Brent and P went on a mission to find some really big impressive watermelon in the grocery stores so that we could place it around our patch for the shoot. 

They ended up at Super 1 in West Monroe and bought 4 biggies. 

Thank goodness I remembered to peal off those big red stickers! HA

Brent placed them around the vines.

And Kelly went and caught one of our hens for Phoebe to hold in the photo. That would be Posey the Chicken :)

OUR watermelon will look this good and be this BIG next be continued.

Thank you again for voting for us for Best Local Product. We are proud to say that we have donated more than $75,000 back to our community and region since 2013. Pretty amazing for this little small family owned company!!!


Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!!! #FarmChic


 We get to show you guys our 8 brand new Spring designs~~ We have been working hard on all of these since December. We will have these new "Farmer-ish" inspired tees (and even a dress) in person and for sale for the very first time at the Monroe, LA Junior League Spring Market from Fri March 23rd-Sun March 25th at the Monroe Civic Center. We will then put all the new designs online after that by Monday March 26th. Thank you all for being so patient!!

And now- on to the new stuff...
#1 The Sunflower- I've loved sunflowers for as long as I can remember. We drew this one so it looked like it was peering up at the sun. We put it on a youth short sleeve in brown, a women's v neck light mocha tee (this is in women's sizes!!), a unisex military green tee and on a light brown mocha short sleeve dress. Morgan is shown in a small. It is a loose, not clingy fit. Perfect for our hot weather down here in the South. We also got a bunch of special sunflower seeds to give out to all of our customers at the Spring Market event!!
 Spreading the sunflower love around :)

Morgan in a small dress- its a loose fit! 

The V-neck Sunflower shown on Morgan in a small and white denim skirt from Rodeo. 
And on little Hunter Brylee~ So cute!!
Loved this pic of Logan and the chicken!!

#2 Mr P's Gothic- Yes- it was inspired by the famous American Gothic farmer painting by Grant Wood.  Have I told you guys how bad I want some cows (and maybe even a goat too!)??  hahah Our funny interpretation is on a youth short sleeve tee and on adult v neck and crew neck tees. Both adult tees are unisex and have a comfy fit.

I like it knotted on Morgan! This is the crew neck -its unisex!! 

And here is the v-neck on Jenna and those cute plaid shorts from Rodeo. 
Henry Todd had it on with these cool mustard colored pants!! Fun! And a BIG thank you again to Leslie Albritton for bringing Bocephus to the shoot!!

#3 Long Live the Queen- Anyone that knows anything about gardening, knows how very important these little yellow and black insects are. We owe so much to them for their role in pollination. I honestly had not given them a whole lot of thought until we were growing our first pumpkin patch this past fall and started praying they would show up and do their job.  And also my buddy Holly DeJean has been on me about creating a new bee tee for a year now!!! Buzzzzzzz  The Queen is featured on a youth gray short sleeve tee, a women's cut (it runs fitted!) striped tee and a unisex V neck tee.
Morgans white little skirt came from Rodeo in Ruston.

The Bee girls looked so cute!!!  Cricket's dark denim shorts came from Ksera in West Monroe.
And I loved little Cypress's entire outfit that her mom put together.

#4 The Goat Roper- I told you I wanted a goat!! hahaha This design has some fun with the slang term "goat roper". We made it literal and put it on a spring green short sleeve tee for youth, and on a crew and v neck for adults. We even printed up a few onesies too!!

So lets discuss this skirt for a second..... It took about 3 weeks to make. My mom and I worked hard on it! I went around to a bunch of local hardware stores and wiped them out of seeds. IT COST A SMALL FORTUNE to make....
Each seed packet was carefully emptied (and labeled so we could plant them later like a good "wanna-be" farmer!!)

and then hot glue gunned on a petticoat that I ordered off Amazon.

Love how it turned out with all the bright spring colors!!

#5 Homegrown- This original tomato drawing is featured on a super soft light brown unisex youth tee, and in a vneck and crew neck adult tee. The kids said "Why did you draw tomatoes Mom? We hate tomatoes!!!" hahaa But boy do they love salsa and ketchup and marinara. And there is something just so Southern about a homegrown tomato that I just love.
Crickets white cut off shorts came from Rodeo Boutique. 

#6 Camp Mr P's- This fun outdoor camp shirt features a squirrel ready to go to camp and make some s'mores!! I'm so excited P will be old enough to go to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca day camp for the first time this summer. Featured on an indigo blue short sleeve tee in youth and adult.

Loved this trio of Logan, Maxwell and Henry Todd and their marsh mallows. 

#7 Woody P- Woody P is a cool rapping Wood Chuck.
 "You down with Mr P, Yeah you know me" 
I'm probably showing my age with the reference to the Naughty by Nature song- for all of you millennials out there- check it out... Woody P is on a unisex ringer tee and a crew neck short sleeve oatmeal colored tee for adults. And then, we put him on a short sleeve natural colored tee for the kiddos.
Do you see those cute yellow overalls that Jenna has on? They came from Ksera. :)
The Ringer tee on Brand Rep Skylar and striped shorts from Ksera. 

#8 Resting Tiger Face- You can never have too many tigers in Louisiana-right???!?!? We printed this guy in purple and yellow- he is very similar to a Tiger we printed a few years ago that was growling, but this this time, we made him have a Resting face. :)
Skylar had on some cute cut off denim shorts from Rodeo with this tee. 

And we still have some of our 1983 Crawfish tees we introduced in Feb!! It has been a great seller.

Jenna's denim skirt came from Rodeo Boutique. So cute with that bandanna belt. 

Ive been amazed at how many folks have let us know they were born in in 1983.

  We also reprinted our famous Duck Taylor and Cluck Taylor tees to have in stock too. Here is the epitome of life imitating art :)

Cricket's denim jeans came from Ksera. 

Loved this paired with those fab red Hunter boots.

The Duck one was our very first Animal in Chucks. It came out a few years ago and is still one of our very best sellers of all time.
So there ya go!! We had a blast incorporating all these fun fur people with the models for our big spring shoots.

I think it was Melanie Massey who told me one day to surround myself with a good team of folks with strengths that I don't have. Thankful I listened!! My talent is drawing. It is not photography and it is not styling either. I'd wear ripped jean, a t shirt and a hat every singe day if I could. Thankful for Heather Land who photographed the kids shoot (and helped style it too), to Kelly Moore Clark for photographing the adult shoot and to Brandi Howard for styling the whole thing. Also big appreciation to two of our retailers ~ Ksera Boutique in West Monroe, LA and to Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA for supplying clothes to go with our tees. We are so lucky to be in your stores. 

Thanks for reading--

P.S. Have you hugged a chicken today?