Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mr P's Flag Football Toy Bowl

Which team is going to take home the Mr P’s 2018 Toy Bowl Championship?!? 

Will it be the Warhawks with those fast brothers (Silas and Auggie) who transferred in from Colorado?
Or those fierce tigers starring Camp and Rand who always bring their “A” game?
Or last years champions~ the Bulldogs~who are being lead by 1st graders Aulds and Pearson? 

    And don’t forget those cheerleaders.... Wowza!!!

They got the crowd so pumped with all their “Open up the Barnyard..” cheers 🤣🤣  and all their cute cartwheels and splits.

They wanted their boys to WIN!!! Lookin’ good Joy, Phoebe, Gray, Bella, Emma and Breelyn!!! 

  The boys hustled and played hard and most important, tried their best.

Tons of folks came out to cheer on the annual event. Moms,Dads,Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Neighbors, etc. Folks were tailgating and playing corn holes.

Juliana and MacCade were cheering on the Tigers.

 Skylar, Cricket and Justin were rooting for the bulldogs 

and Tori and Taylor were cheering on their fellow Warhawk friends.

  After the games were over, hotdogs were enjoyed and new friendships were cemented.

The winner really didn’t matter because a great time was had by all. 

The End. :)

Well, we didn’t reeeeallly have a toy bowl, but the kids all def thought they were on an ultimate play date at Forsythe Park in Monroe, LA one sunny Sunday afternoon And they did really eat hotdogs during their photo "break". 

Special thanks to Photographer Heather Land and her two most helpful assistants Stella and Beverly. I always love the behind the scenes pics. 

I'm so glad Coach Garvin was there and knew how to hook on the flags!! 

Thank you to all the parents who allowed your child to be in the shoot and thank you to our college/adult brand Reps for posing and being so patient. 😘

Did you like the tees used in the shoot?!?

They are available now online at and will be in our select retailers in the next week or two. We are soooo ready for Fall, Football, Tailgates and Fun!!! 

Thanks for reading!! 

PS  Mark your calendars... We will be back in Alexandria, LA Oct 25-27 for the annual Junior League Merry Market and participating in Rebel Runway on Sept 25th.