Monday, February 26, 2018

And the winners are...... #MrPsRep2018


Guys, this year was even tougher than last year for us in picking the winners of our Brand Rep contest.
I literally looked at ya'lls photos every night in the tub! HA!

And Brent went through them and picked out his favorites..

And even Phoebe threw her 2 cents in :)

Even more of ya'll entered (2,278 tags which equaled to about 569 entries) and so many of ya'll had the look and style we wanted. We had 7 Reps last year and they were all top notch. So, this group will def have some big shoes to fill. Honestly, the last two years we have been blessed with models that have cared about our brand as much as we do and went out of their way to take great photos. Thank you to this past years reps- Brothers John Mark and Rhodes, Lilah, Aulbani, Sarah, Creed and Ryan Kate, and to our 2016 reps Brooke, Hannah, and Cypress.
  I wish we were this really big company that could afford to have 30-40 reps, because there was truly that many that easily could of had these spots. Brent always tells me that I get way to emotional and take this way too serious, but I hate the thought of anyone's feelings getting hurt if they weren't picked. We have a few peeps that entered this year that have been in our top group for the past two years.... my goal is to try to at least get them in some photo shoots this year. And some of you are just amazing photographers that I need to contact you to photograph a shoot for us.  We have all of your entries on file and will be in contact if we think your look will work in an upcoming photo shoot.
  I loved seeing the pet entries this year too! 

They made me smile and think hard on maybe developing a matching animal line of tees.?!?!

  And now on with the winners......

1) Sisters~ Finley (4) and Fisher (3) Skipworth: These two little dolls are in Pre K 3 and Pre K 4 and attend The Assembly Kidz Care. They enjoy being outside, playing with dolls and going to the "deer woods" with their daddy.

2) Ryker Cole:  Adorable little Ryker will start PreK this coming Fall. He loves playing soccer, watching Sesame Street and movies.

3) Brothers Silas 4 1/2 and "Auggie" 2 1/2:   These two cuties are living in Centennial, Colorado. Silas starts kindergarten in the Fall and loves skateboarding and Legos.  Auggie is the worlds biggest Colorado Rockies fan and enjoys exploring in the mountains.

4) Allyson Chandler:  She is a pretty little sophmore at Choudrant High School and loves cheering. She baby sits during the summer

5) Ty Pennebaker: He is a handsome 10th grader at Claiborne Christian School and loves painting and binge watching Netflix shows.

6) Juli Newcomer: This blonde dancing chick is a home schooled senior in high school who teaches at Linda Lavendar School of dance.

7) Skylar Landry: She is a gorgeous junior marketing major at Louisiana Tech and is currently a bartender at the Revelry of Ruston, LA.

8) Cricket Culpepper: She is natural beauty and sophomore Speech Pathology major from West Monroe. She loves travelings and small weekend road trips.

9) Tori Scott: She is from Olla, LA and currently works at Hardtner Medical Center in Urania, LA. She also enjoys flipping houses on the side, DIY projects and fitness.

As you can see, we took a few more than we were planning, but are thrilled with the diverse group we ended up with. We can't wait to get to know them better and see them in our tees. :)

Next up for us is the Junior League Spring Market March 23-25th at the Monroe, LA Civic Center. We have two booths reserved and will have at least 8 new spring designs!!! (we have been working hard!!!) Hope to see you all there.
 Also our ONLINE big box sale is going on now and ends Tues Feb 27th at 10am. Great time to stock up for yourself and the kids

Thanks for reading~

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Big Box Sale....Swag, Chicken Minis and the Police!

I got my first photo at 4:33am from Courtney Overturf of the line that had already formed and was waiting on our big box sale to open. I think I have pregnancy insomnia or something and couldn't sleep. And I really couldn't go back to sleep after I saw that. Excited and Amazed and Grateful to everyone who crawled out of bed to come to our annual sale.

  I learned that the first folks arrived at 3:30am!!! (we weren't even scheduled to open until 7am) And it did rain on and off on these people too. TROOPERS!!!
The very first person in line was young Kylie Christy who even sang me a little jingle she made up about the sale.We posted it on our Facebook page if anyone wants to hear it
 Made. My. Day!
To show our appreciation, we had trays of chicken mini's passed around with little bottled waters to the early risers.

Thank you Julie Emory for picking up the food and serving it with a smile. I loved that they called you the "Hospitality Crew".
We also handed out Mr P's seat cushions to the first 15 people in line.  #MrPsSwag

  We opened the doors a few minutes before 7am. The usual two funny brothers (Robby and Brent) were the "bouncers" and "DJ's" and helped to keep the line moving.
The doors are about to open....And here they come!!!

They had everything from Tool to Prince to Cajun music playing. HA!
   Big thank you to my very very sweet friends for giving up their Saturday morning to come help with this event. I love ya'll- Kourtney, Julie, BreAnne, Eva, Beth, Allison, Kathryn, and Erin. You guys make me look organized!!!

And thank you to my mom and sister for watching our kids while we were working. #takesAVillage
  Here are a few pics from the morning. I loved spying some of these online :)

 BYOB (Bring your own bacon!!) Love!!

Did I mention that the cops even showed up!!! They were nice and asked if there was anything they needed inside!! 

We are working hard to get the remaining items online. It will probably take until Sunday before it is ready. I'm moving slow folks!!!  We will post on Facebook and Instagram as soon as it is.  It will be on our website Prices are the same as from the sale:
$10 all youth
$12 Adult Short Sleeves and Tanks
$15 Adult Long Sleeves and Raglans
$20 sweatshirts

Please no discount codes used with these online sale items. All sales final and we will keep it up online until Tues Feb 27th at 10am.

And We will be announcing the winners of our Brand Rep competition on Monday (this week has been CRAZY!!)

Thank you for reading and supporting us!


Thursday, February 15, 2018


YAY!!! It is finally (almost) here....Our BIG annual box sale is coming VERY SOON... on Saturday, Feb 24th from 7:00am-11am in West Monroe, LA. The location is the same as the past two years- at Ark La Tex Window & Door on North 7th Street in West Monroe.  Why do we have it here?? This is Brent's (Mr P's Co Owners) "Real" job location. He and his dad have this business and it has the most covered space we can find (plus parking) and not have to rent a building.

The actual address is 2804 North 7th Street~ down the road from Trenton Street Golf Course and Hot Tots Consignment. Hope these little maps help....

We are opening up the doors a little earlier than last year. Start time is 7:00AM. Here is a few pics from last year.

Here is some basic info for ya that we get asked a lot.....
"What time should we get there?" As early as possible-especially if you are wanting to snag youth shirts. The 2t's,4t's and 6t's seem to be what goes the fastest. Next would be the Adult mediums.

"What kind of payment are you guys taking?"- Cash and Debit/Credit only. No checks at all. We will have 3-4 check out lines. Some will be cash only and others with be debit/credit only.  Please note that there are NO exchanges after this event. All sales final. 

"Will you still have the sale if it rains?"- YES! The sale will happen rain or shine. Please note that shoppers will be standing outside while they wait to come in. If you think it might start raining, please bring an umbrella. We haven't seen an extended forecast yet.

"How do you get in the Door?"- You just wait in line. First come, first serve. It doesn't cost anything to come shop. We try to get around 15 or so shoppers in the door at a time (due to fire marshal). We ask that people try to take 15 minutes or less so everyone can get a chance to look. Our "bouncers" at the event try to keep the line moving.

"How are the clothes organized?" They will all be in boxes labeled by what size they are. There will be everything from baby sizes on up to Adult X. Please note that our youth shirts run Small- So... if your child normally wears a 3t in Carter's, you will want to look at a 4t in our shirts.

"Will you put anything for sale online?" YES! After the box sale is over, we will start posting as soon as we get the sale items on our website ( They will be listed for the same exact prices that were at the box sale.

"What are the Prices??" 

"Since I'm your friend, can I please come shop earlier that week?"  Please no. Please don't ask. We try super hard to make it fair for everyone. The only folks we let shop early are our handful of volunteers who give up their Sat morning to come help us work the event for free. 

We appreciate all the excitement over this sale!!! We promise to have a tray or two of Chicken minis being passed around again for all the early birds in line.

Stay tuned for results of our Brand Rep Search results.
Deadline to enter is TODAY (Feb 15th by 6pm). On Instagram only.
We will announce the winners on Monday Feb 26th. This gives us time to print out all the entries and go through them carefully.

*** Also- We will be back at the Monroe Junior League Spring Market again with all new designs- March 23rd-25th at the Monroe Civic Center.

Thanks for reading-