Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lions and Mustangs and Bearcats OH MY!

The latest three mascot tees are the Mustang, the Lion and the Bearcat. When creating the mustang design, I wanted to go back to the classic wild running horse.
 I think now adays, schools with the mustang mascot have gone to a more modern side profile of the horse head for their symbol like this...
I like that look, but just wanted the old school vintage horse. With that in mind, I decided it might be better to have the horse running more towards you so it wasn't exactly like the old mascot. We still gotta be original-right!!?
 I laid the design out in construction paper and sent the design over to Jeff at Tommy's Tees to finalize for me. Loved the finished product.
 Here is a pic of one of my favorite little people, Aden Antley, in her shirt.
 She is a student at River Oaks and loves horses. And another sweet mustang-Ella.
We feautured these on youth ($24) and adult ($28) tee and adult off the shoulder sweatshirts ($42). Here is also Kennon and Mariah in our sweatshirts.
These two pretty ladies are students at River Oaks.
  Next came the Lion design. I had some Ouachita alumni and friends send me some old pics of shirts that had that they liked. I noticed in all of them, the lion was always positioned differently. Sometimes full body, sometimes straight on. I ended up going with a tough looking Lion that was turned to the side and GROWLING.
 At first, I wasn't going to put the word "Lions" on the shirt. I don't really think it needed it (kind of like the tiger design)
 but I had some die hard Lion fans email me and ask for the wording. No problem guys!! ;). So, "Lions" was added and they were right, it looked better with it!!
Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any fancy photo shoots with these tees. I had a freak accident where I fell off a horse and broke my pelvis. I've been stuck in bed for awhile and can't drive until I heal.
I've been so thankful to those of you who have sent me pics. Got some great ones of fellow Ouachita students Macie, Kelsey and Tanner. Here is Macie..
And Kelsey..
 And Kelsey and Tanner
We printed our lion design on Adult color block sweatshirts ($42) and adult tees ($28).
  Lastly, my close friend and fellow college roommate Kelly really wanted a Bearcat shirt for her beloved Ruston High School. We had quite a few interesting Fri nights when Ruston and my Rebels played. My dad affectionatly refers to her "Bearcat Kelly"! Kelly told me that the actual bearcat had not been featured on many shirts in awhile. No prob here!! I drew this one out in pen and ink, then did a mock up layout with colored pencils and construction paper. Then, I handed it over to Jeff to work his magic.
The sweatshirts ($42)are super soft and comfy and the tees are in youth ($24)  and adult ($28) sizes. Here is Kelly and her beautiful sons Conner and Jackson.

We are also taking pre-orders only on the RAM design-perfect for Jesus Good Sheppard and Richwood High- (all orders must be in by TOMORROW (Friday Nov 1st)
and on the Drew Bobcat Design (due in Fri Nov 8th).

Our designs can be ordered at Because we are a small family owned company, our stock is limited. So....if you see a sweatshirt or tee you want, grab it now bc we aren't Walmart....thankfully  ;).

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quack, Quack, Quack

Duck, duck, duck, goose!
  When we were planning out our fall designs earlier this summer, a duck was never in the cards. This funny little guy came a long as an accident. 
   Last Sept, I had gone to the beach with some girl friends-one of them was Jessica Stutts. We got to talking about a diabetes walk that was coming up that her son Tucker participated in with their friends and family. They would all wear matching t-shirts for the event.
I told her I'd be glad to help her with his next years design. Well, fast forward half a year.... Jessica called and said this year, Tucker wanted a Duck Dynasty themed shirt. "A Cure would make us Happy happy happy". So, I came up with this funny pen and ink duck with a beard and bandanna for them to use on their shirt.

  Here is how it turned out for the diabetes shirt.

 And they even made sure to put our logo on the back.
 So cute! And....The Team Tucker shirt ended up winning 1st place in the t-shirt contest!!! So cool ;)
  Everyone who saw our little duck loved it. I had posted a pic of the drawing on FB and Instagram. We then heard that the Duck Commander folks were helping sponsor a big Duck Commander Christmas on Dec 14th for the Downtown RiverMarket and money raised at the events for this day would all go to help the Food bank of NELA.

What a great idea!! We are so happy and proud of the duck guys and gals and all they have done to help the area. So, we decided we'd print  our little bearded guy and give 15%of the sale of each duck shirt to the Food Bank from Oct 1st-Dec 25th.  We've got him on a long sleeve light weight army colored American Apparel thermal shirt.  If u look closely, u will see that he is a banded duck with our "318" area code.

It's unisex, but a more fitted cut.  Youth sizes are 2,4,6,8 an 10. $26 each. Adult sizes are S-XXL. $31 each. Here is a cute pic of cute Maddox in his new youth tee.

  And here is WMHS student Gavin in his tee.

We love getting pics from all of you!!! This design will be a special limited print so if u want one, grab it quick! We have them available online ( and at Miss Persnickety Joon's new store on Antique Alley by The Costume Shop. Store hours are Tues- Sat 10am-5pm.