Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shoes for Fashion Fusion

We are so pumped to be participating in Debbie's School of Dance's Fashion Fusion. Think Art meets Dance meets Fashion. We have 7 girls and 2 boys that are dancing and modeling our tees, tanks and leggings. The kids are precious and very very talented!! I can't wait to see them on the actual catwalk at the Convention Center. If you guys have never been to this, it is so much fun and entertaining. The choreography is top notch. Our hats are off to Brittany Streetman, Kelsey Tanner and their mom, Debbie Bourg and the rest of the very talented staff at Debbie's.
 So, we wanted the kids to have something cool to wear and take home with them after this show was all done. They were already getting to keep their tees they modeled in, but we wanted them to have something else..... I LOVE comfy shoes like flip flops or Toms. Im really not a high heel kind of girl. Now, we couldn't afford to go buy each kid their own pair of Toms, but we could find a close second. Think Hytop Toms :) I know normally the models are either barefoot, or in their own shoes, or modeling shoes from the boutique they are representing. I started by finding out all the kids shoe sizes and then trying to see if I could find something out there that there was enough of. I ran out to Target, but there was never enough of one type of shoe. And then.... I found them... these perfect gray slip on Tom Like shoes from JC Penny. Thank You JC Penny!!
They were on sale and I got free shipping~ Whoop whoop. These would be perfect for the 7 girls we had. For the two boys, we splurged and got them both a pair of Chuck Taylors!! Classic Black and then we added orange shoe laces (Thanks again for that idea Jordan!!) since it is Mr P's signature color.
  Now, back to the girls shoes.... we wanted to make them special. I was visiting with my mom and Rhonda Neal at The Paper Market one day and they suggested about making a stencil and having the logo on some fabric that was rough around the edges. Loved this idea. Saw something similar to this on Pinterest.
We are a little rough around the edges!! heheehe
  So, I got out the shoes and Brent decided the logo needed to go on the outside of the shoe for everyone to see. I used one of Phoebe's bottle caps to trace around to get the right side circle.
This one done on some orange fabric That was actually a flat bed sheet I had purchased awhile back at Walmart.  Next, the circles were cut out using an exacto knife (remember, think raw edge!!) and a stencil was made from shrinking our logo down. I carefully cut out the lettering with the same exacto knife.
We decided to leave off the "tees" bc it was just wayyyyy to small to try and cut.
Now, some white paint was used on the stencil.
After they dried, I sprayed them with some Sealer and they were carefully hot glue gunned on the shoes. So pleased with how they turned out.
Good conversation piece and the kids seemed to be excited about them. Here is a group shoe shot..
  Cant wait to post pics of their entire outfits and from the actual event. It is this coming Saturday at the West Monroe Convention Center at 7pm. Contact The Children's Coalition at 318-323-8775 if you need more info or a ticket. Lots of area boutiques and stores are participating such as Herringstones, K-Sera, Rodeo in Ruston, J & H Boots, Duck and Dressing, Miss Persnickety Joon, and more. Fun Fun Fun


P.S. On a more serious note...... Have I told you that Mr P has a girlfriend????  He is head over heals for a little girl named Breelyn. She is adorable and very smart too. Her great aunt is one of our neighbors. What a small world?!!  P and Bree go to Miss Dee's and church together. Here she is in our Horse with Flowers tee and matching leggings. She has great taste in clothes and friends :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Market Sneak Peak

Count down to the big Monroe Junior League Spring Market... We have been working extra hard to have some cool displays and lots of new merchandise for everyone. I love the store Anthropologie- who doesn't??! Their displays are amazing and so inspiring. I love the idea of taking unexpected objects and making them into something else totally different.

I've always loved the "dress" that Pearl Pumphreys does every Christmas that is made out of Christmas tree branches. Kind of like this one I saw on the internet...
Got me thinking about what other things could be used to make a "dress" or "skirt" out of. I did some researching on the net for ideas. This one was another cool one I saw on Pinterest.
And then it hit me in the middle of the night....Post it notes!!!
How cool would it be to make a skirt out of them to go with one of our tank tops??!!? So, the next morning, I loaded up Phoebe and we headed to Office Depot to check out their post it note inventory. The purple, yellow and orange colors worked great with our Tiger tank so I went with it. I had an old long BCBG prairie skirt that I loved, but had stains on it across the back that wouldn't come out so it was perfect to sacrifice for the sake of ART!
I started hot glue gunning the post it's in layers upon layers across the skirt.
This took a good 2 hours to cover. All done while watching Maury (You are Not the father!! Lol) and  The Chew. I then pinned it on the mannequin, added the tank
and went to work on her "head".
Dried yellow flowers and moss did the trick. Now just had to add some material under the skirt to make it POOF. I actually cut out the underside of an old dress I wore for Junior Miss back in 1996
!! Another sacrifice for ART. ;) This is def a throwback pic.. Still needed more poof so now I added some bubble wrap. Did u guys know they sell this stuff by the yard at The Paper Market in Monroe??
So pleased with how this turned out.
Come check it out this weekend at the Monroe Civic Center March 21-23. We will have 3 other cool displays and our latest designs for babies, youth and adults. And speaking of latest designs......
Here is one of our latest dresses...
(New Southern Giraffe Maxi Dress, $68, S-XL)
And then we have our new White Perch/ Black Perch shirt. This was a design created specially by Brent. He fought for this design for a couple of months. Good job Hubs. You were right!! 
Did you guys know there are a million different names for a White Perch?? Such as Sac a Lait, Crappie, Papermouth, Tin Mouth, Perch, etc etc. We have a bunch of these names featured in the back ground in different fonts with our White Perch and Black Perch. Screen printed on a super soft Indigo blue tri blend tee. S- XXL  $28
Next we have our Louisiana Proud Honey Bee design. It is on a V-neck for the little people (sizes 2t,4t,6t, 8, 10 and 12) $24 and on a regular crew neck for adults (S-XXL, $28) 
And on a Long Black Maxi dress......
Have I mentioned how much I love these dresses??  Great dressed up with heals, and even more perfect with flip flops and over a bathing suit.
 For all our Bulldawg fans out there, we printed our new 2014 Bulldawg design on the cutest, softest football tee. Shown here...
 And on some of the Red and Blue Color Block Sweatshirts shown below (sneak peak for Fall 2014!!) and on some regular 50/50 blend Adult and youth tees.

Our Warhawk fans are getting their own cool football tee too!!
As well as youth and adult tees and sweatshirts. So many new gotta come check it all out. We are working to get all of these on our website this week for all our out of town fans to shop.

 Oh yeah, Almost forgot...we printed a few of our giraffes on a gold tri blend tee- Love him!! Bring on summer!!!

---we are #louisianaproud.

If you can't make Spring market and see something you want, check us out online at


Big thanks to Jordan for all her tagging lately....not the more exciting part of this job but so appreciated :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Giraffe with Southern Roots....

  As a lot of you know, I was lucky enough to go on a life changing mission trip to Tanzania, Africa back in 2007 to help my friend Kay Frost. It was AMAZING!!!
We painted with kids,
talked to locals about Jesus and even got to go on a safari. I had literally had my very first date with Brent a week before this trip. He had come over and cooked me dinner and I was impressed!! I remember walking around Africa trying to find him a really cool drum to bring him back as a gift. My how time flies.....I pray that I get to go back there one day and even take our children to see this wonderful place. Africa truly stole my heart....
  Anyway, back to Kay. :)
  She is a local West Monroe, Louisiana girl. She went to West Monroe High School and  Louisiana Tech and has been a member of First West forever.  She first moved to Tanzania in 2004 and lived in different cities/villages such as Mwanza, Iringa, and Biharmulo.  She speaks Swahili and the locals love her. I witnessed this myself. She has a way of being tough and firm and honest with the kids and they respect her for it.
She is in Mwanza now and her focus is helping widows, orphans and street kids.  Her mission is
" Seeking to Transform Tanzania with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by living out Matthew 18:10-14 and James 1:27 serving widows, orphans and at-risk youth".  
You may of recently heard her speak at First West when she was home for a visit.
Her website/blog is
and be sure to "Like" her Transform Tanzania on Facebook.

   Brent and I feel like it is important to try and help a charity each year with a special shirt. Last year, we did the bearded duck shirt that raised over $1300 to help our local Food Bank of NELA. Now, we are wanting to help Kay with her Transform Tanzania project.  Since the Giraffe is the national animal of Tanzania, we def knew we had to use it.
(the initial drawing)
And, since all of our shirts are somehow tied to Louisiana and the South, we threw a couple of pairs of cowboy boots on him. Love him!! I had originally envisioned his boots to be red.
I was inspired by a very special pair of red boots that close friend Rachel Saucier Knox's husband owns. Travis's red boots ROCK!
But, in the end, we decided to keep the whole shirt neutral.
 So, 15% of each shirt will go to help her mission. This is through First West Church.  We have printed it on youth/toddler tees
(sizes 2t, 4t, 6t, 8, 10 and 12. $24 each)
, on adult tees
(sizes S-XXL. $28)
 and even a few of those long maxi dresses that everyone adores. They are available to order online NOW at, and then we will have them for sale in person at the Junior League Spring Market next weekend (March 21-23)
(Brent is shown wearing an adult large)

   As always, thank you for reading and supporting us!! We love getting your fan pics and seeing you guys around town in our tees.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

What is #louisianaproud?

Born and raised in Louisiana and proud of it! You hear the sayings, "practice what you preach " and it makes me think about Mr P's Tees-create what you know!!
  We love designing shirts that represent what we love and WE LOVE Louisiana. Where else has the best food,
great places to hunt, wonderful places to visit, the most interesting animals, and the most diverse scenery around.
  We love crawfish, gumbo, oysters, Spanish moss , shrimp, bayous, huge crop lands, plantation homes, meat pies, pelicans, gators, pralines, white tail deer, white perch, New Orleans, Breaux Bridge, of course The Twin Cities, Mardi Gras, fried chicken, Natchitoches,  sweet tea, Kiroli Park, rocking chairs, etc etc etc. I could go on and on and on. What are some of your favorites?
  What is so great about shopping with us??? ( besides the fact that our designs are original And printed on high quality tees?) ....we are LOCAL and we shop LOCAL
(Brent in our new logo camo logo tee)

China and India  aren't mass producing our tees. Everything is made in America and printed in Louisiana. . We love supporting the "little people" ~we love eating, shopping and supporting the good folks in Louisiana (esp Northeast Louisiana) The only time you will see me at Pecanland mall is for a Great American Cookie. ..forgive me-I just love that icing
!!. But most of the time, I'd rather pick up a  dobash  cake from Thurman's or a sheetcake from Not Just Pie. I'm the girl who has never set foot in TJ Max and it doesn't bother me one bit. ;)
 The first in our Louisiana Proud series, was our sweet plump Black bear.

Then, we added our beautiful Brown Pelican.

The racerback maxi dress has been a hit!

and on baby onesies too!

Now, the latest that is coming out soon is the Honey Bee. Did you know that it is the Louisiana State Insect??

The final design!
It will be featured on youth v neck tees, adult tees and long black maxi dresses!! Yay!

  Did you know that we will be at The Junior League Spring Market this year?? It will be at the Monroe Civic Center March 21-23. We will have tons on new designs for it.. And then, on Sat April 5th, we will have 9 kids modeling our clothes at Fashion Fusion at the West Monroe Convention Center.  Can't wait !!Debbies School of Dance always does an amazing job with this. So many fun things going on in our area. ;)
    Our state has so much to offer~  I'm proud to be from Louisiana, and proud to be from West Monroe.   #louisianaproud