Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Big Box Sale Recap

( I "borrowed" this photo from Maggie Generoso's Instagram page-Loved it!!)

 The "Black Friday Of Tees" Sale (that really occurred on Saturday! ha) is now over!!! We had 36 full boxes at our big annual sale today. We were once again A-M-A-Z-E-D and thankful to all of those who came and stood in line to stock up.
The first two girls in line said they arrived at 4:50AM!!! I gave them both one of our camo Mr P's logo hats as a thank you. I was grateful it didn't rain this year, but felt bad seeing people all wrapped up in blankets because of the cold. Talk about dedication!!!
  This year, we bought $100 worth of donuts and donut holes and also a bunch of bottled waters for everyone standing in line to enjoy.
A small token of appreciation. Thank you to Kourtney and Ray Lewis for handling the ordering and picking up of this food for us. On a side is amazing how many donut holes you can consume without realizing!!!
 Before we opened the doors, Brent and Robby (my bro in law) went over everything on how to help the traffic flow easier.

We tried our best to keep everyone moving since there were so many people waiting to come in. We also added another checker this year, so we had 3 different people available to check out.  Brent and Robby were the "bouncers"!  This was our view of everyone waiting from inside..
Big thanks to our niece Katie for helping. Some how I didn't get any pics of her, but she is always the biggest help. And of course to Robby- who makes everything so much more fun!  Also, thank you to Allison, Amy, Eva, Kourtney, and Julie for helping us all morning. I can't tell you how thankful I am for these women in our life!!

I know Brent says that I talk way too much and too long to people, but I really do enjoy getting to visit with everyone. I tried to take pics of everyone I saw who wore one of our shirts to the event.
Here was Anne Dumas stocking up! :)

And pretty Allison Fisher who is Teacher of the Year out at OJH!!!
Hey Cliff! Always nice to see you!
And Abby in her v neck crawfish !!

Sweet Monica and daughter Madison 

 Hey Bulldawgs fellow Bulldawgs~ Melanie and Cole!!
And two ladies who have supported us from the very beginning..Amber & Kristi
And pretty Kacie in her Med camps tee

And Maggie (in the Llama) holding 6 month old Harrison (who was in his bulldawg onesie!!)
And Ashley in the new v neck Crawfish

And cute Amber in the Krewe of Black Bayou
Its a little hard to see, but here was Keshia in her Butterfly shirt

And Delia in the original Warhawk thermal we did back in the beginning! 

Here is Kari in the v neck crawfish and her buddy Mandy

And fellow runner, Jan Nelson who wore her Kick Cancer tee that we created to help Scott Caldwell.
And two more runners, Terry (in her special Burpee challenge tee) and Amy in her logo baseball shirt.

We hope everyone found something they loved! We still had a bunch of really good pieces left over.
My goal is to take pics like this one of everything available in a certain size and put lists up of how many of each are left on our Instagram page. Whoever is First to comment that they want something, will get it and have 24 hours to pay a paypal invoice. If it is not paid, we will go to the next person. I hope to have this put up by tomorrow evening (Sunday) at the earliest or Monday evening at the latest. We did this last year and it gave a bunch of our out of town fans a chance to take advantage of the big sale.
  I also need to thank my mom and sister for entertaining the two P's while we were working. My sister Holly always comes up with these cool "projects" for them to do that they always love.
Always comforting to know your  kids are in good hands while you are working. :)Apparently Phoebe ate a lot more than she actually wore  (HA)

We have been working hard on our new spring designs which will first come out at the Monroe Junior League Spring Market at the Monroe, LA Civic Center on March 18, 19, 20. Here is one little sneak peak of a design we like to call "Cowboy Rex"....

Thanks for reading!!

P.S. We also hope to have our Brand Rep Search happening towards the end of March-stay tuned for more info on our social media pages...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BIG BOX SALE Info.....

It is that time of year again!!! Time to clear out the old and make way for the new spring designs. We started doing the Big Box Sale 3 years ago and it has just grown and grown.
 If you have never been, we basically just have a bunch of boxes labeled with sizes like "Small, Medium, XXL, 6t, etc"
. Each box is filled with shirts that are only that size. Some sizes will have multiply boxes!  We will have the adults in one area, and the baby/toddler/youth in another area.
The sale will start at 8AM on Sat Feb 27th. Same location as last year- this is at Brent's "real" job location at Ark La Tex Window and Door at  2804 North 7th Street in West Monroe, LA.

This is down from Trenton Street Gold Course.

Why do we do it here? Because it will be somewhat empty from the Home Show the previous week and there is more room for all the boxes.
So, sale hours are from 8am-12pm. First come, first serve. Im sure my brother in law, Robby,  will help man the door again.  He tried to keep the line moving quickly and would let 10 +/- people in at a time so it didn't get crazy and the fire marshal didn't get upset. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperating this year.... if it rains again, YES-we will still be having it!
A pic from last year.

 We will have a cash checkout line AND a Debit/Credit card checkout line to make things run as quick as possible. No checks accepted. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges from the Box Sale. Please don't email and ask us to shop early because you have a conflict that day.

Prices will be lower than half off!! Great time to stock up..
  yes- you read that correctly.....$10 youth tees!! Everything from sweatshirts, baseball tees, football tees, short sleeve tees, tanks, onesies, etc. Also- if you haven't shopped with us before, please keep in mind that our youth tees run small~ esp the long sleeves.  If we have anything left after the sale, we will post on Instagram on what is left and send out pay pal invoices to those who comment first.  After that, what is left is donated to a local charity or church. We got to send a few shirts to Guatemala last year to a local church group on a mission trip which was cool.

Thank you again for all you interest in this event and supporting our little family!!
Shop Local, Support Local :)


P. S. We can't wait for you guys to see all the new Spring designs we have been working hard on. And... our latest Crawfish Design will be back in stock very soon!!