Friday, August 23, 2013

Eagle Photo Shoot at OCS

 Let me start by saying how impressed I was with the 4 young women I got to photograph from OCS. Shelby, Madison, Raelyn  and Chelsea. Classy, helpful, fun, positive, sweet, etc etc the list could go on and on. Not To mention, they were all so pretty too. Big thanks to Jodee Niswanger Bruyninckx for connecting the dots and putting me in touch with them. 
  We met up late Sunday afternoon at the school and started them out in the new Eagle tee shirt. I was hunting for a nice shady spot so we headed over to the baseball dugout.
 Snap, snap, snap. And by the big Eagle Sign at the back of the baseball field.
 Then, as we were heading to the next spot, we saw a tractor!!
Whoop whoop!! They were all so cute on that thing. Snap, snap. We took a few more in some different spots and then it was time to change tops.
 Next came the new color block sweatshirts. I know they must of been melting in the heat, but there was zero complaining. Love getting the pics of them against the brick wall.
 Very good contrast to the sweatshirts (an you guys know red and green are complimentary colors!!) We took some individual pics (they all had great hair!!) that turned out nice.

and Chelsea.
 Now it was time for the bulldawg and Warhawk tanks.

 They really seemed to like these a lot. I also gave em some of our Mr P's hats to put on.
We actually haven't started selling these yet (and not sure if we will). I had given Brent a bunch of these for Fathers Day to do as he wanted. He gave a few away to his friends (So let me tell ya, if you own one of these hats, you are special~ not many out there in existence). Also got some pics of them in the Warhawk and Tiger sweatshirts.
 Love the "talons out" pics.
  You could tell these girls were truly best friends. Brought back lots of fun memories for me thinking about my high school days. Thank ya'll so much for a wonderful afternoon. God Bless each of you

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