Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Panther Country and Tiger Town

My friend and fellow artist, Leah Reitzel, suggested to me awhile back that we needed a Panther shirt for Sterlington. I thought that would be neat to do, so I did the usual and googled "Panther"-man, those are some mean looking cats!!! She had said the school colors were blue and black but that they sometimes added gray in there too. I thought it would be neat to print on the American Apparel tri-blend black tee.
 We've never printed on a black before. I next started drawing the cats face out in pencil
 and then went over it in pen.
This is the whole face-
Next I got out my colored pencils and started playing around with the colors.
 I thought making the panther blue would be cool! After getting the design figured out,
 I took it over to my buddy Jeff and had him scan it in and put the wording in with the computer. Voila---
Cant wait to see it on a shirt! We are printing them in youth ($24) and adult tees($28) and on the very stylish off the shoulder black sweatshirt. ($42)

  I also didn't want my Neville buddies to feel left out and wanted to create a really old vintage Tiger shirt that a person would want to wear every day. I decided to make this one real simple-no words, just a big mean growling tiger face. I ended up drawing the face twice. The first one wasn't bad but every time I looked at it, I felt like something was wrong...like it wasn't mean enough.


 Here is it in the middle stages and here I am whiting out a section I didn't like. .
I started back over and I'm so  glad I did!! You can see the different stages of the drawings.
Here I am redrawing it from scratch.

And here it is finished.
 This tiger was much better- his face has so much more emotion to it.
 After Jeff scanned it in, this is what we got.
We are printing it on black adult ($28) and youth tees ($24) too. And on the same black off the shoulder sweatshirt ($42). Also going to print the Vintage Tiger on 12 purple sweatshirts too for all you LSU fans out there. To Order, www.mrpstees.bigcartel.com

  Both these designs and the Eagle design are all printing at the same time. We've got some pretty models lined up from each school to photograph- cant wait!!!

Thanks for reading-

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