Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rebel Photo Shoot

We are fortunate to have 2 of the greatest nieces ever..Katie and MaKenzie.
 Katie is at George Welch Elem and Kenzie is at West Monroe High School. Know I'm biased but these two are super athletic, beautiful and are so much fun to be around. When our new Rebel design came out, it was a no-brainer to ask Kenzie and her best buds if they wanted to come pose for us. They gladly agreed! And I was so excited that Katie came too!!
  We met up at WMHS one early evening. It was still a little warm outside, but the girls did great. We started out in the tanks and headed for one of the Rebel Stadium entrance signs.
 Click, click, click! And then we all walked on over to the football stadium. Loved photographing them against the red doors of the stadium
and just being goofy against the painted gray brick.
(Can you tell they are spelling out W-M-H-S??) 
 Solid backdrops always seem to work well. We then headed inside to the 50 yard line.
 I had them lay down and then they all held hands (so sweet!). The first pic I had nothing to stand on
 but then we spotted a random chair on the track and Katie ran an grabbed it for me. Awe- now the view was much better!!
 Cute, cute, cute.
And now Katie on the 50~

  Now time for a wardrobe change and the girls headed off to put on the short sleeve tees.

 Now we got em in front of the new gym (am I showing my age calling it the new gym!!??! Hahah)

Just 4 best friends hanging out in their comfy Mr P's tees!!
The last shot was the "jump" shot in front of the Rebel Pavilion.

Took me a few times, but we got it!! I felt a little nostalgic watching the four of them together. Awe- great memories of my days at West Monroe. Big thanks again to Adrianna, Anne, MaKenzie, AnnMarie and Katie for posing!!! Can't wait to do it again ;)

Rebel Tees & Tanks can be ordered online at Youth and adult sizes available now. Baby & Toddler sizes coming soon.