Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is that Rack Real??!

We had a new Deer design come out this Fall that we named the Big Rack Deer. Did u ever wonder if these designs are "real" or just based off photographs in magazines
or from Goggle???We do have a ton of Deer hunting mags laying around the house that would be easy to copy, but.... We try hard to keep everything authentic and have a story behind it.
So, back to the deer design... It should of been named The-One-That-Got-Away!! Brent hunted that deer all last year. This big horned deer started popping up on his camera here and there and Brent became a man on a mission!!! He wanted that Buck, and that Buck only. For those of you hunting widows out there, I'm sure u know how the feaver/frenzy takes over your man and all he can think about is this one animal. Man vs Animal....well, to make a long story short, it really became Man vs Man and Brent's buddy Josh Rogers won. Yep- the buck showed up around Josh's stand one day, and Josh got em. Voila~
Brent was happy for his hunting club buddy and long time friend, BUT, he was a little heart broken too. We decided to make Josh's trophy buck this year's Deer design. I was able to base the drawing off of the mount.
Josh is married to pretty Ashley Storm Rogers who is very creative ( she does photography) and they have a son named Tripp who Mr P adores!!!
 Local Deer, Local Family, etc etc. . So, yes- our designs are "real"!!
Here is a pic of local Beauty Julianne Tippen who modeled our Deer Camo Baseball tee in a photo shoot for BayouLife Magazine.
We sold out of these baseball tees at Christmas, but have one more batch of 24 of them coming in by Jan 15th. They are S-XL and $36. We will post as soon as they are back in stock. 
   I'm happy to say that Brent was able to get the big one he wanted THIS season. Thank U God!!! It came right at Christmas and this 10 pt was the best present ever for him.
Stay tuned to see if this one will end up on a shirt next year ;)

On a side note~ our limited edition Mardi Gras shirts will be out soon. We have them coming out in two different adult colors  (in sizes S-XXL) and one kids color (2t-youth 12). All of them will be long sleeves. We will post as soon as they are available!!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Art Retreat and all about the Dachshund

A month or so ago, I got to get away for a long weekend to Vicksburg. I love that place! This is my second time to go over there to create art. It's the perfect distance from home. Not too far in case the kids need me and just right down I-20. This time around, I stayed at Cedar Grove Inn.  ( It had good reviews on Trip Advisor and I remember seeing it last time and thinking it was gorgeous.
Here are a few pics around the main mansion.

I stayed in the old pool house room.
It didn't have the best lighting, but the bed was comfy
                                                           and the claw tub was cool
I got to eat at my favorite place~ Walnut Hills~
                                                        for dinner on Friday night.


                                                             (a sample of their menu)

I can't get enough gravy!!!!

And I got to eat The Tomato Place for lunch
They have the best fresh squeezed lemonade.

I did go for a nice run in the Vicksburg National Park Saturday morning, but for the most part, I  pretty much stayed in the bed with all my pencils and extra fine tip sharpies and worked worked worked. We had a few custom designs I worked on such as the Riverfield Raider.
This was created specially for my ole sorority sister Lillian Greer. It is at the printer now.

 And got a cool vintage style design for Equinox Jazz Orchestra  

 Like my hubs says "these guys are good, respectable good" which is a huge compliment coming from Brent. They will be selling this shirt on their tour all over the nation.. Here is how the shirt turned out..
 I was so pumped to get to do this for Clay Johnson and Jeremy Davis. Their band "Howard Shaft" was my fav back in my college days. "it's a Bird, It's a plane, It's Howard Shaft!!!" So proud of these guys and all they have and are accomplishing!!

  I also worked on a new Mardi Gras design to come out soon.........

 And, I got to draw the now famous Dachshund design.
Never knew weenie dogs were so popular!! This idea started about 9 weeks ago with a comment from Katie McGowan on IG that we should do a weenie dog design.
This was the actual conversation....

Then, fast forward to another Katie (Summerall) who has Beaux and Molly's in Natchitoches. She requested a Dachshund design too. She said her store was becoming known for having Dachshund items.  So, I drew the little guy out and sent the pic to Katie S. in Natchitoches. She loved it. And then, a week later, I showed Katie M.  the drawing at Cedartown.  She was so excited about  it which made me feel good. ;). So, that is how he came to be!! Here is Katie M with her two little babies, Allie and Maggie.
 and then here is Katie S with her late twin sisters dog, Denton, that she inherited.
Know this dog means the world to her! Here he is riding around in her car.
 We have one more batch of these sweatshirts and baseball tees coming in right before Christmas.
My kiddos had on the youth versions this past weekend at Kiroli Park. 

Here is Pearson in a 4t and Phoebe in a 2t. Love the neon blue sleeves. :)

Speaking of dogs, is there a breed u wish we would do???

We appreciate all the support and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. As always, thanks for reading! To order online, go to

Trying to get a good pic for a Christmas card...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday Sale and more!

So The holidays are upon us already and you may be wondering where to find us and if we are having any type of Big SALE....
  To find us in the North Louisiana area, we are proudly carried at the following retailers exclusively in their home town. In Monroe, our ADULT designs are carried at Herringstones
located on Forsythe Ave. They are all decked out for the holidays
and have a wide assortment of our tees, sweatshirts and our  limited edition Bayou Christmas shirt in Red and in Gray
We love working with Cindy, Debbie and their staff!!

   Our YOUTH /BABY designs are now for sale at The Children's Shoppe
in Monroe located near Orange Leaf at The Shoppes on Tower
. They have all of our latest for babies and kids sizes 2t~ youth 12. I had fun stopping in their and putting together some outfits with our tees.
Here is our youth version of our Bayou Christmas tee with cute boots, Jeans and a green bow!! They have an amazing collection of bows!!
And one more little outfit with legging, a fun flirty skirt and mustard colored shoes. Awesome!

  Next, head on over to West Monroe to the brand new location of KSera.
They moved from the funky little shack at the foot of the bridge to the most very chic space behind Tyner Petrus on Trenton. They re-open this week for the first time.  Congrats to Kelly and staff on it. Here is a sneak peak of our display.
We now have only ADULT items at their new location. Sizes S-XXL.
   Over in Ruston, you can find our ADULT items with Katie at Rodeo Boutique.
Love this store and her!! She carries many of our sweatshirts and baseball tees featuring our new signature Bulldawg design and our new Big Rack Deer. The Children's Shoppe in Ruston also carries our Baby/Youth designs too. We are so pleased to be in both of Patricia's locations!
  And over in Natchitoches, you will find us at the unique Beaux and Molly's on Front Street.
They have  an exclusive version of our Natchitoches Bayou Christmas design, Tiger items and even special designs created for the local St Mary's Tigers. Good Luck in the playoffs!!!

And now for our sale......we are celebrating Thankful Thursday and Black Friday!!  Get 25% off your entire ONLINE order on Thursday and Friday. Wow!! You guys know we don't have sales that receive your discount, just enter promo code THANKFUL at Checkout. Order online at We will do our best to have all of your orders shipped out by Monday Dec 1st.
We appreciate all of u guys so much and all the growth we have had in the past 2 years. We never expected or planned any of this!! We were just parents of a new baby boy wanting him to have something cool to wear..To celebrate, we are offering 25% off your entire order.

Peace and Love this Holiday~

Our Sweet little Pilgrim Phoebe!! Love this-can't believe she is already 17 months old!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holidays in CedarTown...Recap of last 3 days

These last three days have been busy ones! I thought I better go ahead and blog about it all before my memory starts to fade (seems like since having kids, it does that easier and  easier  ha!)
 We were very busy selling our designs over in Ruston, LA at the Cedar Creek School 25th annual Holidays in CedarTown event. These folks sure know how to treat their vendors!!
Here is student Brooke Evans in the blue helping deliver bottled water to us.
Everyone was very sweet and welcoming... Esp Alice and Linda!! Thank you Ladies :)
  We were in a wonderful spot near the stage
and got to see and hear all the activities going on. One of these were Chef Cory and Mrs Kay Robertson
cooking and carrying on! They were part of the brunch on Thurs morning. Across the aisle from us were Laura Glen (she and I used to use the same framer in Ruston many moons ago -Greg Hudson with Visual Designs), some sweet girls from El Dorado  and Leslie Groan with Cutie Patootie. Here is Leslie in the Cypress Sweatshirt and Amanda Morgan with Loving Her Lashes in our new camo deer baseball tee.
They were all decked out in their Mr P's on Sat!! So cool. Behind our booth was my friend Katie Bonnette with Rodeo Boutique.
She carrys our adult line in Ruston. Adore her and her clothes!!! Also got to see Kim from The Townsend House. Love her store!! She supported me way back when I used to paint plates of people's homes. Here is she and Emalee.
I have a feeling we will be taking a road trip soon.... I enjoyed meeting Samantha Lantrip.
She was a vendor there with Rachel Huber- they were selling Matilda Jane. I'm excited bout some cute pants I ordered for Phoebe to go with some of our tees. Here are Samantha's gorgeous girls- Love!!
Finally got to meet Kelly Moore Clark too. Love her bags-I have the orange Two Suez and use it every single day. 

  We had a ton of help--Big thanks to Amy Keifenheim who worked hard every day and even drove back to West Monroe to fetch more sweatshirts when we were running low
. Here is Amy with Jordan Raborn.
And my Mom, Anne Sanders in her Tiger Sweatshirt
, and adorable (and yes-Pregnant) Meg Moore. She is wearing her Bulldawg baseball tee.
What a blessing they all were!! I also need to thank my sister, Holly and Marsha Roberts for helping take care of our kiddos back home.
  Lots of faces in the crown---I was so excited, maybe a little too excited, to meet Tyler Summitt and his wife AnDe.
He is the new Lady Techster Basketball coach and son of Pat Summitt.  I was a complete DORK and proceeded to tell him about my 6th grade Lady Techster basketball camp days with Leon Barmore. He was very kind and acted interested!! hahaha  Cant wait to come over to the TAC and cheer he and the girls team on!! Also saw Lori McIntosh, Sarah Jeffords who has the awesome little GoldieMocs that Phoebe is always wearing. She got one of our Coon onesies and posted about it on Instagram. Yay!!
Here is Erin and friends-sweet supporters of Cedar Creek
And little Hunter in his Squirrel Shirt
And Anna in her deer camo baseball tee and vest

  I got to see a bunch of my ole sorority sisters. Here is sweet Lillian Greer
who came over from Delhi to this event. She was so sweet and even took some of our dresses back with her to Delhi to the New Attitude Salon and Boutique for an Open House on Sunday. Loved seeing Amy Stegall, Lynsey Pippen, Carrie White, Robin Collinsworth, Heather Shaw, to name a few. We saw some friends from the Twin Cities like Lisa Bannister and her daughter AnnaClaire,
, gorgeous Jill May wearing her Duck Taylor sweatshirt,
cute pregnant Amber Bass, The Deal Family, and  our cousin Jennifer Miller and her best bud Mallory from MSalon, I was amazed too at how many people we met who drove over from Shreveport for this event. What a great Reputation it has! We got to see Amber and Kristie, Katie McGowan, and Leslie Hestle.  The cool girls from Iron Cactus in Calhoun were serving lunch on Friday.
Yep-wearing our special designed tee just for them :)
Kathy came by in our cool color block deer sweatshirt tom last year.
That was always one of my favs!!. And here is pretty Jimmie Mayzel in our new Cougar sweatshirt

  When it was time to tear down, Brent came on over with Robby in tow. Love my crazy brother in law!!!
We got it all broke down pretty quick-thanks to the extra help of Rachel Walker
~She and I were in a wedding together many moons ago and hadn't seen each other in years. So glad we got to reconnect at this event. She and her hubs now live in Ruston and her daughter goes to Cedar Creek. 
  I def learn a bunch every time we do one of these things and look forward to coming back to CedarTown next year. Promise to have sweatshirts for the kiddos next time!!!
Brent and I in our matching duds-wasnt planned!!! We ended the event like we always do after something like this-over take out from The Mohawk. Love that place and their gumbo and shrimp delight. 

Shop & Support local :)
We sold out of quiet a few of our sweatshirts, but will be getting more  in soon. We will be posting when that happens on Instagram and Facebook

We are very thankful to all of our friends, family and fans!!!!
Thanks for reading,