Thursday, December 12, 2013

Commander Christmas RiverMarket

The big Commander Christmas is happening on Saturday. Brent has been studying the weather and we have been trying to figure out our game plan for setting up. Praying the rain gets in and out in a hurry. I know "they" are expecting thousands of people to attend this event. Very Exciting!! I know we are suppose to be selling from 10am-10pm.
We ordered some mannequins to display our shirts-and let me tell you, Ive had a lot of fun decorating them up!! I remember getting to dress the mannequins when I worked at Abercombie back in my early college days.
  My thoughts for us....Trying to show our Artist meets Hunter style....Hey Anthropology...if you are reading this, I hope you are thinking you want to hire me!! :)   I first went and got some different dried material from Sanders Wholesale.
Then I added some things we had around the house.The female figure has  LOTS of pheasant feathers coming out the top.... Love these!!!
  And on the man one.. I had this shot gun shell garland that my "Close" friend Rachel and I had made years ago.
It is literally strung together by that old blue fishing rope. Perfect!!! Cant go wrong with curly willow, moss (plays up the beards!!)
, and more dried pieces to give it that swampy cool feeling. The twisted green twine helped hold it in place.
These will look good against the pallet backdrops that Brent built.
On the little boy one, I added lots of moss, curly willow and shed antlers-Fun!
 Here is a little sign I made to take. It was done in that chalk board paint on a canvas

  As far as inventory, We will have plenty of our signature bearded duck shirts-remember...15% of the sales of these goes to our local Food Bank until Christmas day. Its a Win-Win for everyone!!! We have already donated almost $675 to them so far. We will also have our super comfy sweatshirts, new youth long sleeve deer tees
mascot tees., and baby onesies. (even have some with the duck on them!!). Here is the schedule for the day.
Hope to see you there- Look for our Mr P's Logo sign.