Friday, July 26, 2013

The Eagle has Landed...he's tough, proud and cool

A couple of weeks ago, we posted on FB asking if there was anyone out there wishing Wed design a shirt of their schools mascot. We had a great response and decided to create a few for some of our local schools. One of these is a shirt for The OCS eagles.
 I started off googling "Bald Eagles" and looking at all these different views of them, and decided that I liked the side head view the best.
Next I drew him out in pen and ink.
I wanted this bird to look tough and proud at the same time. I didn't go to OCS, but I have a few friends that did. I remember competing against them in track meets (way back when!) and they were TOUGH! Shout out to Julie Richardson, Julia Barnhill, etc. ;)  It seems like they are always "going to the dome!" in football  too and making North Louisiana proud. Way to go EAGLES!!
  Anyway- back to the shirt... So, meanwhile, my old trusty Mac that I've owned since 1998 died. This meant I couldn't scan in the drawing and play with colors on the computer. Ugggg. Back to good ole colored pencils!!
 I made some copies of my drawing and literally started coloring. Once I got the color arrangement figured out, I started sketching the whole layout of the shirt.
 I kept thinking about Top Gun and the military when I worked on this.
 Now it went over (thanks to my sister Holly for delivering) to graphic designer extraordinaire Jeff Smith who put it all into the computer an helped give it that faded vintage look that we love so much..Voila~ this is what we got!!

We have the presage going on now. ...Until Monday July 29th. You get a little discount for ordering early!!! Shirts will be ready in mid Aug (just in time for football season).
Thanks as always for reading!!!

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