Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiger Photo Shoot at Neville High School

 Being a West Monroe High School grad, I never thought I'd be designing a shirt for one of our biggest rivals ever-NEVILLE! And to top that off, I even wear the shirt around town because I love it!! My Mom, Anne Sanders, is a Neville High grad and she was very excited to see her son in law, Brent (another Rebel grad) and her grandson, Pearson, wearing shirts from "her" school.
 You are Welcome Mom!!
  I was lucky enough to be friends with one of the sweetest girls at Neville, Melissa Centola.
 She is a senior this year and plans to go to Ole Miss. Her Aunt, Ann Hart, is one of our families closest friends. I was so happy when she agreed to get some of her friends and come model for me. You couldn't ask for a prettier school and prettier models. Big thanks to Melissa, Cate, Katie and Selwyn for taking time out of their busy schedules to do this!!
 We were fortunate enough to have Ashley Wyatt (www.ashleywyatt.com) come do the photo shoot again. Cant wait to see her final product. What you are seeing here is my quick snap shots from my phone. We got the girls in the new vintage tiger tee (the thought was to create a tee with the old school Neville tiger that our parents think of)
and started out by some of the big beautiful trees on campus.
Then we headed over to a little side courtyard area
and by some more trees.
Now it was time for the sweatshirts.
 Loved seeing the contrast of the dark sweatshirts against the school building.
 These girls were professionals!!! And lastly, we had them put on the new color block Bulldawg sweatshirts.
 I think they liked this style sweatshirt the best-very comfy and soft.
Thanks again to Ashley and our Neville Models for a wonderful afternoon :)

Adult tiger tees are $28 S-XL (we have more printing!) and youth tees are $24 2t-12 and Adult Tiger Sweatshirts are $42 S-XL.  www.mrpstees.bigcartel.com

Friday, August 23, 2013

Panther Photo Shoot at Sterlington High School

As I was driving down 165 heading to Sterlington High School, I noticed the big water tower that said Panther Country...how cool is that!?!!
Exactly what our new Panther design says! That was def not planned but so glad it turned out that way. 
First off- let me just say, the whole Sterlington area is beautiful. Loved seeing farming fields,
 hay bales and how nice the HighSchool  looked.
 I met up with my friend Ashley Wyatt. I met her through my sister Holly. They were coworkers in Ruston. She also photographed our wedding!! So thankful she took the time out of her busy schedule to come take some pics for Mr P's.
  Modeling for us were Ashley (one of my Mom's coworkers at The Paper Market),KateLynn and Shea. Ashley and Katelynn graduated last year from SHS and now at ULM. Shea  is a senior at SHS this year. These girls were very easy going, sweet, pretty and willing to do anything to help get good pics.
  Ashley (the Photographer) ran the show and put the girls in some neat poses. I just handed out tees, tanks and sweatshirts and snapped some action pics with my iphone. We took pics all over the place.. By a cooking pit, out front,
 by the stadium, by the sign out front,

etc. At the end, I had them put on the Warhawk Tanks (they loved 'em!) and we went out onto the football field.
Don't think I've ever walked on turf before...there were all these little black things.
 It looked like soil but definitely wasn't. What is that??!! 
When it was all finished, I headed over to get supper for Brent and I at the B-B-Q PIT.
Yum! Julie & Daniel Emory introduced us to their bar b que nachos/chips....omg..heaven!!! Anyway- another great photoshoot!! Can't wait to see Ashley's professional pics......

Next blog will be about the latest photo shoot at Neville...

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Eagle Photo Shoot at OCS

 Let me start by saying how impressed I was with the 4 young women I got to photograph from OCS. Shelby, Madison, Raelyn  and Chelsea. Classy, helpful, fun, positive, sweet, etc etc the list could go on and on. Not To mention, they were all so pretty too. Big thanks to Jodee Niswanger Bruyninckx for connecting the dots and putting me in touch with them. 
  We met up late Sunday afternoon at the school and started them out in the new Eagle tee shirt. I was hunting for a nice shady spot so we headed over to the baseball dugout.
 Snap, snap, snap. And by the big Eagle Sign at the back of the baseball field.
 Then, as we were heading to the next spot, we saw a tractor!!
Whoop whoop!! They were all so cute on that thing. Snap, snap. We took a few more in some different spots and then it was time to change tops.
 Next came the new color block sweatshirts. I know they must of been melting in the heat, but there was zero complaining. Love getting the pics of them against the brick wall.
 Very good contrast to the sweatshirts (an you guys know red and green are complimentary colors!!) We took some individual pics (they all had great hair!!) that turned out nice.

and Chelsea.
 Now it was time for the bulldawg and Warhawk tanks.

 They really seemed to like these a lot. I also gave em some of our Mr P's hats to put on.
We actually haven't started selling these yet (and not sure if we will). I had given Brent a bunch of these for Fathers Day to do as he wanted. He gave a few away to his friends (So let me tell ya, if you own one of these hats, you are special~ not many out there in existence). Also got some pics of them in the Warhawk and Tiger sweatshirts.
 Love the "talons out" pics.
  You could tell these girls were truly best friends. Brought back lots of fun memories for me thinking about my high school days. Thank ya'll so much for a wonderful afternoon. God Bless each of you

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Panther Country and Tiger Town

My friend and fellow artist, Leah Reitzel, suggested to me awhile back that we needed a Panther shirt for Sterlington. I thought that would be neat to do, so I did the usual and googled "Panther"-man, those are some mean looking cats!!! She had said the school colors were blue and black but that they sometimes added gray in there too. I thought it would be neat to print on the American Apparel tri-blend black tee.
 We've never printed on a black before. I next started drawing the cats face out in pencil
 and then went over it in pen.
This is the whole face-
Next I got out my colored pencils and started playing around with the colors.
 I thought making the panther blue would be cool! After getting the design figured out,
 I took it over to my buddy Jeff and had him scan it in and put the wording in with the computer. Voila---
Cant wait to see it on a shirt! We are printing them in youth ($24) and adult tees($28) and on the very stylish off the shoulder black sweatshirt. ($42)

  I also didn't want my Neville buddies to feel left out and wanted to create a really old vintage Tiger shirt that a person would want to wear every day. I decided to make this one real simple-no words, just a big mean growling tiger face. I ended up drawing the face twice. The first one wasn't bad but every time I looked at it, I felt like something was wrong...like it wasn't mean enough.


 Here is it in the middle stages and here I am whiting out a section I didn't like. .
I started back over and I'm so  glad I did!! You can see the different stages of the drawings.
Here I am redrawing it from scratch.

And here it is finished.
 This tiger was much better- his face has so much more emotion to it.
 After Jeff scanned it in, this is what we got.
We are printing it on black adult ($28) and youth tees ($24) too. And on the same black off the shoulder sweatshirt ($42). Also going to print the Vintage Tiger on 12 purple sweatshirts too for all you LSU fans out there. To Order, www.mrpstees.bigcartel.com

  Both these designs and the Eagle design are all printing at the same time. We've got some pretty models lined up from each school to photograph- cant wait!!!

Thanks for reading-