Sunday, December 2, 2018

Michael Strahan!!!!

I know you are dying to know about the Michael Strahan pic with our Rack Pack tee......

You see, he and I are Besties.

 Just kidding. 

But I will say that I WISH we were buds!! He seems very cool and down to earth- easy to see why most people in America love him.

So... back to that tee and how I got it in his hands.... 

TO make a long story short, I wanted to take my mom to NYC. She had never been and always wanted to go. Life is short..follow your dreams. Knock out that bucket list!!! So I started planning this trip last Christmas. 
 I got online and signed up on a site ( to try to win free tickets to televised events up in NYC like Good Morning America or Jimmy Fallon or The View. A week before we were scheduled to leave, I got an email letting me know we had been selected to get to be in the audience for GMA Day with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines. 

  Mom and I were pumped!!!! 

We were given careful instructions to wear solid bright colors ( no patterns) and to dress like we were going out to a nice dinner. We obeyed! 
We both went shopping "for Michael"!! hahaha

  I had already thought about it and decided I wanted to try to take him one of our tees.
Had no idea if this would even be a possibility, but the worst that could happened is a security guard would end up with our shirt. The studio people had strict rules that you could only carry a small clutch or wallet and no cameras allowed, but you were allowed your cell phone.

How in the world did I think I would be able to smuggle in a shirt for 
a famous man I didn't even know??!?! 

(note the 3x Sticker on it  ;( )

 We arrived a little early outside the ABC studios in Times Square and were first in line.

It was COLD!!! 

I'm not used to wearing heels anymore and my toes were DYING. We stood out there for about an hour and even saw Tyra Banks go inside. She was all covered up. Even "her people" had "people"!!  hahaha
  It was time to walk in past security and get patted down (they even had a drug dog there) and I'm just holding my shirt praying no one takes it. They didn't. They didn't even ask to look at it!!! SCORE- we were in. 
  Cool- We got to see Robin Roberts and George Stephanopuoulos.

 We were then ushered in the studio room where the taping would take place and we were brought to the front row. Mom and I were trying to play it cool, but we were so excited.
We watched them change out furniture and get the set ready for Michael and Sara.

  When the two of them came out, we all went wild in the audience. 
They were great. 
And when they would go to commerical, Michael walked around once and snapped a couple of pics with folks. They'd also go over stuff for the next bit.

Towards the end of the taping, he walked over to a couple sitting beside me who he was obviously friends with.
He was literally standing one foot from me. Mom leaned over and said "Its now or never.."
My hands were sweating but I knew she was right! 

 I got up and walked right over to him and said 
"Hey!! I brought you a gift from Louisiana." and handed it to him. 
He said- "You did?" and he starts opening up the shirt. I said "Yeah- I drew this!!" and he said  
while looking at the label "You drew it-wow. The Rack Pack. Mr P's Tees" and then, I told him I realized I made a big mistake on the shirt. "I'm so sorry- I realize I brought you a shirt that is too big" and he said "What size is it?" and I said "a 3x but I'm looking at you now and realize you are more like an XL!! " ( the man was SMALL- he had broad shoulders and was tall, but his waist and legs were the same size as my husbands). He laughed and said he would wear it in his dressing room. And with that, he held it up and I snapped some pics.

   How cool is that?!?! 
 I'm so glad I did it when I did, because he didn't have time to take any more pics with the audience after that.

My plan to to try to mail him a couple more shirts that should fit his frame better. 
Maybe then we will become besties. :)

Thanks for reading-

P.S. We even ended up on TV


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mr P's Flag Football Toy Bowl

Which team is going to take home the Mr P’s 2018 Toy Bowl Championship?!? 

Will it be the Warhawks with those fast brothers (Silas and Auggie) who transferred in from Colorado?
Or those fierce tigers starring Camp and Rand who always bring their “A” game?
Or last years champions~ the Bulldogs~who are being lead by 1st graders Aulds and Pearson? 

    And don’t forget those cheerleaders.... Wowza!!!

They got the crowd so pumped with all their “Open up the Barnyard..” cheers 🤣🤣  and all their cute cartwheels and splits.

They wanted their boys to WIN!!! Lookin’ good Joy, Phoebe, Gray, Bella, Emma and Breelyn!!! 

  The boys hustled and played hard and most important, tried their best.

Tons of folks came out to cheer on the annual event. Moms,Dads,Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Neighbors, etc. Folks were tailgating and playing corn holes.

Juliana and MacCade were cheering on the Tigers.

 Skylar, Cricket and Justin were rooting for the bulldogs 

and Tori and Taylor were cheering on their fellow Warhawk friends.

  After the games were over, hotdogs were enjoyed and new friendships were cemented.

The winner really didn’t matter because a great time was had by all. 

The End. :)

Well, we didn’t reeeeallly have a toy bowl, but the kids all def thought they were on an ultimate play date at Forsythe Park in Monroe, LA one sunny Sunday afternoon And they did really eat hotdogs during their photo "break". 

Special thanks to Photographer Heather Land and her two most helpful assistants Stella and Beverly. I always love the behind the scenes pics. 

I'm so glad Coach Garvin was there and knew how to hook on the flags!! 

Thank you to all the parents who allowed your child to be in the shoot and thank you to our college/adult brand Reps for posing and being so patient. 😘

Did you like the tees used in the shoot?!?

They are available now online at and will be in our select retailers in the next week or two. We are soooo ready for Fall, Football, Tailgates and Fun!!! 

Thanks for reading!! 

PS  Mark your calendars... We will be back in Alexandria, LA Oct 25-27 for the annual Junior League Merry Market and participating in Rebel Runway on Sept 25th.