Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cedartown Recap.....

We had the best 3 days in Ruston last week. Got to visit with a bunch of friends and fans and meet  a lot of new people. I have said this before, but I just love Ruston. Love the whole town-the people, the food, Tech, etc. Last summer, Brent and I had even at one point contemplated moving over there!
  Holidays in Cedartown is a well oiled machine. The ladies who run this event know how to take care of their vendors!! Each day, you would fine a little treat (like hershey kisses) at your table with your lunch passes, and the lunches and dinner they served us was wonderful. Plus, you always appreciate a friendly person with a cart checking on you to see if you need some water or some candy!! I hope Cedar Creek School raised a bunch of money from the event.
  After we got set up, Alexis and I enjoyed lunch at Sundown (
I love their jalapeño bread and sweat potato fries!! I was very pleased with how the booth set up turned out. Check out these pics..

  In the crowd, we got to see lots of happy folks. I finally got to meet Nicola Smith,who is married to Jeff (he is my fav graphics person to work with on our tees) . They own Muscle Club and have always been great with help with our business questions.
There were tons of shoppers that morning enjoying the nice brunch

provided and getting to shop before it was open to the public. Got to see Rebecca and Nelda
and Sweet Emma May with her Mama Jill and Grandma Ann
. Our crazy booth neighbor Liz kept us laughing the whole time
...wish I had pics of Kourtney Lewis's makeover she got from her......... Speaking of Kourtney, She and Amy Keifenheim and Leah Hawsey all worked and helped on Thursday.
I am so blessed to have such good friends who take off a day from their "real" jobs to help us fold and package shirts!!
Loved Leahs red Converse!
Friday rolled around and fellow runner Monica Turner, and my mom, and Meg Moore all volunteered along with Amy again.

They manned the fort when I hustled back to West Monroe to teach two classes at Claiborne Elementary. I hated I didn't get to see Melanie Massey in person, but we did exchange texts and pics!!

Soul Sistas!!
 Also got to meet the folks that own Ponchatoulas (  Really liked Jill and Johnny Guadet and enjoyed hearing how his business got started from his college days at Tech. It's the American dream!! Also got to see the folks at Simply Chic Boutique in Bossier and Rodeo Boutique in Ruston. Both of these stores carry us and I was glad to see they had booths too!
   On Saturday, we saw tons of folks wearing our designs which always makes me feel good. I tried to take pics of them all like sisters Kathy & Anissa
and Michelle in her Claiborne Christian Crusader tee.
Also saw Jennifer in last years fav and red Champ sweatshirt
and Emily had on the new coral Buck with Chucks tee.
Love little Samantha (who sells Matilda Jane!! ) in her new Cougar 1970 sweatshirt.
She had literally run 22 miles that morning. Phoebe loves those Matilda Jane dresses so much. :) And I thought Stacy looked so cute in the red Bulldawg football tee and flannel shirt
. Ashley had on the Bearded Duck with a green vest
and Arden had on the Giraffe in Boots with some more flannel
. We had Mandy who wrote Born to be a Bulldog at our booth.
She is so sweet and so naturally gorgeous. She teaches school and coaches volleyball and a wife and a mother (and authored a book in her spare time!!)
We ran a special where you got her signed book and one of our Bulldawg youth tees for only $35.
 It was a hit! Saw other faces in the crown like Patsy Deal, Angie Baldwin, Robin Collinsworth, Lynsey Pippen, Lori McIntosh and Maggie Generoso. Also got to visit with Jana Beck who has Lincoln Outdoor Living. Their booth was AMAZING!! I really think it should of won the top prize for best decorated booth.  Big thank you to Monica again, Meg again and Alexis for their help working that day.
I got to grab some RAW (114 W Park Ave, Ruston, LA) while I was over in Ruston one evening after the event and visit with Bre (the photographer) and Emily (aka local super model :). The Best Sushi!Now back to reality....
  It has taken us a little longer to get unpacked from the event.
Mr P got the stomach bug and we have been moving slow.   We hope to have everything back up on the website and all your online orders out by Friday. Next week, we will be having our big Thankful Thursday and Black Friday online sale. Stay tuned to our instagram page for more info and promo codes.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Holidays in Cedartown Sneak Peak!

We have been gearing up for Cedartown this week. So thankful I am out of school on Wed for Veteran's Day so I can help get our 2 booths set up!! If you have never been, it is worth the drive over to Ruston, LA to come shop. It is located inside the Ruston Civic Center and filled with good quality vendors. ;). This will be our second year to do it. Event starts on Thurs Nov 12 at 10am with a special brunch (open to the public at noon) and ends on Sat Nov 14th at 5pm. The event supports Cedar Creek School.
We worked hard to have some new special pieces for our Cedar Creek fans...check out our new adult super soft Cougar 1970 gray sweatshirt for adults
and our new youth Cougar sweatshirt in a light heather gray with yellow and green print
.We had so many parents ask us last year for a sweatshirt that wasn't a hoodie. Said the kids always take off the hoodies and forget them!! Well, we listened!! Always thankful for suggestions.
  We also have 2 new Bulldawg designs- one features our little Champ the Bulldawg in Athletic Blue shown below on our niece Makenzie Compton who is a senior at WMHS. She will be going to Louisiana Tech next year. Thanks to Bre for the photo (breanneadelephotography on IG)
 The other is a classic athletic gray with red and blue ink featuring our Bulldawg Country design.
These will be available online after the show is over.

  We will also be stocked up in our very special Christmas adult and youth baseball tees.
Check out the two P's in theirs youth shirts....
Great unisex design that can be dressed up or down for the holidays. Thanks for this photo Donielle!! (doniellebarnesphotography on IG)
  Another special thing we are excited about is having Mandy Cauley
be at our booth on Sat from 1-4 during the Childrens event. She will be be selling and signing her precious book "Born to be a Bulldawg"!!
Great gift!! Proud of this fellow Tech grad ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
  Can't wait to see all of our Ruston friends and fans this week. We will be stocked up with all the latest and greatest like our signature Duck Taylor design on this vintage navy sweatshirt

And our new Nice Rack long sleeve shown below on Sydney (Thanks to Heather Land for this photo)

Make sure to check out our new Sorority line too!!
Thanks for reading ~ See ya at Holidays in Cedartown!!


PS. Did you guys know we are now being sold at Simply Chic Boutique in Bossier City, LA?!?  Go West Mr P, Go West !!