Friday, September 19, 2014

New Fall Designs....

We had a quick fun little photo shoot the other day right outside our home with our very gorgeous neighbor Lexie Kahmann. Lexie is a sophmore at West Monroe High School and is an avid tennis player. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Legs for days and glowing tan skin. She made us look good.  I put her in a couple of our new short gray shark bite dresses.
They have a loose fit and an uneven hemline. Loved it on her with brown boots, colored accenting scarf and wrap bracelet.
This is the Bulldawg Head dress. Front and Back view.
I was so lucky that her sweet mama Katie (who is gorgeous too!!) came and helped entertain Phoebe while I took pics.
 Think Phoebe enjoyed being apart of all the action!!

Here is Lexi (in a medium) in the Tiger Head dress. With a scarf
and without.
Dresses are S-XL  $58.
  Then I put Lexie in a few of our new sweatshirts..
Here is the new White Deer on a super soft camo sweatshirt.  S-XL  $46. These are the softest, most amazing sweatshirts you will ever put on. This one is my new favorite.
Here we were heading down Brent's bow shooting lane to find a nice shot.

Lexie is in our new cream colored Cypress Tree sweatshirt. S-XL  $44.Looks great with jeans.
And since she is a Rebel herself, we put her in the new Red Rebel Man sweatshirt. S-XL  $44
Mr P arrived home from school during this part of the shoot and joined in!! He is wearing his youth  version of the rebel tee. 

So cute!!
Lexie used to baby sit him for me when he was very little!! Amazing how time flies...
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Also- big thanks to a couple of my girlfriends Allison and Diana for helping me fold and sticker some tees the other night in the Avacados Restaurant parking lot!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trunk Show Party!

Wow! We had a great time tonight at our first Trunk Show at  Rodeo Boutique in Ruston. Katie and her team went above and beyond to make this event nice for us!!
Morgan from Kacee's Sugar and Spice did some fantastic food for the event.
Esp Loved the little Mr P's cookies!!!
And everyone had so much fun dressing up in the BashBooth Photo Booth with costumes.

So funny! Is that a rubber chicken?!?! LOL  Everyone got one of these cute print out of their funny photos

Thank you Sarah Jeffords!! Loved see Her little man John Mark-
looking good in the orange La Black Bear Shirt. Also really liked getting to know Brandi better- what a cool chick! Loved the nutria rat tee and the camo pants.

Another highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite college friends And her precious daughter. Jamie and Addy Lou Gressett.
They live in Ruston and Jamie and her husband, Dan,  teach at Ruston High.
Here was AddyLou After she got her Pops the Dog tee and sticker!

Lots of friendly faces in the crowd.
Sam and Heather

Bethany and Sarah
Kathy & Don Bell who came over from West Monroe
Katie, Carlea and Sarah
Cara in her Mr P's Tank

My Sweet sister Holly and her co worker Lena
Katie and her cute son

Tammy Bryan and her son
(Loved seeing all of these Mama's and their boys out together)
Brent and Mrs Patricia 

Sarah from BashBooth, Katie and me
(yes- I did a wardrobe change in the night!)

 A pic of some of our onesies!!

FUN Evening!! The big Trunk Show is going on for one more day tomorrow..Wed from 10am-6pm, so stop on by and get you the latest Mr P's Bulldawg,
Cougar (Brent modeling a large)
, Bearcat or any of our other vintage feel tees.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

PREVIEW! Trunk Show at Rodeo Boutique

We are very excited about our upcoming Trunk Show at the Fabulous Rodeo (Like Rodeo Drive in Hollywood) Boutique in Ruston.
(A night time pic of the store)
This event is happening tomorrow night-Tues Sept 9th from 5-8pm and Wed Sept 10th from 10am-6pm. Brent and I will be there tomorrow evening to visit with everyone. Bash Booth (, which is owned by Sarah Jeffords,  and does the funny photo booth pics will be there tomorrow night too!! Fun!!!
    We adore Rodeo owner Katie Bonnette. Here she is working hard this evening..
!! She and the super sweet Brandi Howard helped us set up tonight.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!
   We can't wait to hang out in Ruston. That is the only other place I have ever lived besides West Monroe!! I was lucky enough to get my degree in art from Tech and graduated in '01. I have the best memories of my 4+ years there. Kidd Dorm, AXO, Orientation Leader, Rabb's, Stows, etc etc etc. I truly believe I had some of the very best art teachers in the nation at Tech. Big cheers to Bergo, Pinkston, Kathy Amman, and Peter Jones!! And even though I wasnt a KD, Corre Stegall is one of my idols. And Sweet Pea's and Sarah's Kitchen were my fav places to eat. Show me the Soul Food!!! I wish those two places were still around.
   Tomorrow, we will have baby onesies, youth tees,
adult tees,tanks and sweatshirts.

We will be introducing our new red and white Bulldawg baseball tee

and our very first Cougar shirt.
Love how this one turned out!! 
 Here are a few pics after we set up this evening.
(oh yeah-that is a Bearcat Sweatshirt you see)

  Anyway, hope to see you all tomorrow and Wednesday.

How bout them dawgs!?!?!?!

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