Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mr P's is now in Natchitoches!!

" My colors are Blush and Bashful, Mama!"
  One of the best movies ever and filmed in the quaint little Louisiana town of Natchitoches.

Well, how about "My colors are Orange and Gray, Mama"....yep- we are very excited to tell you guys that we are now in Natchitoches, Louisiana at an adorable little store called Beaux and Molly's.
It is owned by Katie Summerall and is located at 780 Front Street, Suite 104.

Beaux and Molly's ( is a special little store known for being a modern boutique with a vintage touch. They do lots of monogramming, and have everything from home decor, to gifts, to clothing, to much more. Their number is 318-238-3844.
(love the brick streets)
  Beaux and Molly's is owned by Katie Summerell. This store had originally been a dream of she and her twin sister, Lee Lee Summerell. These two pretty girls grew up in Hornbesck, LA
(I saw this pic of them online and loved it)
but eventually moved to Natchitoches and it became their home. Sadly, Katie lost her twin back in 2011. Inside this special store, you will find little pieces of Lee Lee's memory sprinkled around. The girls' dream is very much alive and well at Beaux and Mollys. Lee Lee's legacy and her memory will not be forgotten!!
  Katie had contacted us awhile back through email about our designs. Life gets busy and some time passed before we reconnected again.  Luckily, she called one day while I was home sick from work with a hurt ankle. I had plenty of uninterrupted time (this is so RARE!!) to talk with her. We started off by sending her some of our signature Tiger tees and baseball tees. We were also in the middle of taking a pre order for some St Mary's Tigers shirts

and were able to start selling these designs through her store. St Mary's is a local Catholic school that is very well respected in the area. We were honored to get to design a mascot tee for them. We were also able to do a "special edition" of our new Bayou Christmas shirt for Katie.
This long sleeve is cozy and soft and perfect to celebrate the upcoming Festival of Lights.
 Brent went just this week to her store and dropped of our signature orange shelving
and one of our hand painted logo signs.
He stopped in at Lasyones Restaurant (
for lunch
(Quite a few famous folks have eaten there)
and brought me and the kiddos home some meat pies--YUM!!!
  Love Natchitoches! Ive been lucky enough to of had friends marry there and have been on girls trips there. Cant beat their Bed and Breakfast and the charm of that town.

We look forward to sending more designs over to Katie!!

Thanks for Reading-