Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Taco Sloth.....It's 4:20 somewhere....

One of our newest designs out this Spring was inspired by Marijuana... HAHAHA

I better explain....

Especially since I teach today's youth!!

 Back during the Christmas holidays, we were invited to a Tacky Christmas sweater party. So, like any busy mother, I googled "Tacky Christmas sweaters" on Amazon. Let me add that it was late one night--- I found two I liked and was pumped to see they were on Prime- YES!! Ordered. Done. I could check that off my list...
  When it came time to go to the party, Brent decided to stay home with the kids and I went. I wore sweater #1 which was really awful. Here is what it looked like... I even had a little Elf on the Shelf I carried around the party HAHAHA
Sweater #2 stayed in my closet. So... fast forward to the half day we were getting out for Spring Break. I decided to be FESTIVE!!
I got out my funny Sloth Christmas Sweatshirt. I love sloths and thought it was hilarious how he was eating on a candy cane. hahahah


Here I am thinking I am so cute!

I left for the day and my husband NEVER said a word about what I was wearing. 

I took my baby to day care at Claiborne CHRISTIAN School. I talked to the nice Pentecostal lady who worked in the nursery and everything.

No one said a word.

I then went to get ready for our office Christmas party. One of my co workers walked in and pointed and started laughing.

I still didn't realize.

I kept thinking that I was so fun and festive and full of holiday cheer in my tacky sweater!! lololololol
  And then he pointed out all the weed on the sweatshirt.


I thought that was tropical palm trees- OMG!!
I. D . I . O . T.

We were all dying laughing. And I ended up leaving it on all day for fun. I think I will bring it out every year at Christmas for a chuckle.

  So, I knew we needed to have a sloth tee... but we really didn't need him to be smoking anything.

We are a family friendly business!!! I first drew him on a flag pole with Donald Trump hair....
But we really aren't trying to make a political statement..So that design was scratched.

Then I drew him in a tropical shirt... kind of like the one I wore, but I just wasn't feeling it.
And then I started looking at the shapes of their hands and it hit me- He has to be holding something. What could he hold???

What do I love? Tacos!!! YES!! A freaking sloth holding a taco- it doesn't get any better than that!!!

   So, there you have it- That is how this shirt came to be.

And how cool is this- Our little baking Brand Rep Suzie up in Ohio (muddyoakhenhouse on Instagram) just had a "Taco Tuesday" party for her son Thomas who just turned 5.

Happy Birthday Thomas!!! Adorable!!

Thanks for reading-


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