Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BLACK FRIDAY SALE (and Sat too!)

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is almost here and we have been working hard to be stocked and ready for you guys.  For our customers who want the ease of not leaving their home, we are offering free shipping to ANYWHERE in the USA on Friday and Saturday. Just enter Promo code FREESHIPPING at checkout. So easy!!!! Website is
   For our customers in the Monroe/West Monroe area, we are having a big sale on our mascot tees. Stock up now! These make great stocking stuffers.
They will be $5 off all adult and youth sizes on Friday AND on Saturday. (We decided to throw Saturday in there too!!). This will take place at Miss Persnickety Joon on Antique Alley.
They are next to The Costume Shop. Love going to Antique Alley and seeing all the decorations for the holidays.
 So.... The adult shirts are normally $28, now $23 and the youth are normally $24, now $19.
We have rebel, tiger, ram, panther, eagle, lion, bobcat, gator, and mustang tees available. We have them all pulled and on a table ready. If you have never tried one our tees before, you are in for a treat!!! They are SUPER Soft and made of a tri-blend of combed cotton, poly and rayon. Once you have one, we promise it will be the only type of tee you will ever want to wear.
We are also stocked up on all the new designs.. the duck, Shirley the elephant, the deer, the donkey, etc. etc.
   Over at Herringstones in Monroe on Forsythe Ave.,
, they are stocked up with our Warhawk thermals, Duck sweatshirts, Deer sweatshirts
and tees, Tiger sweatshirts, Warhawk Color block sweats and Bulldawg off the shoulder sweatshirts!! Yay!!!
   Special thanks to our #1 fav (and only!! haha) employee Jordan who has put in some hours lately tagging and delivering shirts.
Also- we got a shout out about our sale in the popular blog
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are truly thankful for all of you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chief, Chief, Chief

Finally!!!! We got our Chief design figured out. I knew I wanted it to be the old school chief who oozes wisdom and toughness.
Hope all the West Ouachita Fans out there are pleased. To start, I researched a lot of pics of existing Chiefs/Indian, and then I started sketching.
 Next the Extra Fine Tip Sharpies got ahold of it.
 The eyes were the toughest and most important part. I kept adding a little more shading to it.
Once satisfied, I printed out a copy for myself to color on
 and to show the graphics man what I was thinking. Then, voila.... The end result!!
This design will be featured on a short sleeve American Apparrl tri-blend athletic gray tee S-XXL (and on a youth 8,10 and 12) AND on that wonderfully super soft Alternative Apparel Color Block Sweatshirt. The one with red sleeves and a gray chest. S-XL. $38. This design is a Pre order only( not a stock one), so get your order in now. We will be taking orders until Tues Nov 19th. Also- we now have a few (we literally printed 15!!!) of the Color Block Deer Sweatshirts in AND, we kept hearing from you guys that you wanted the deer tee
in bigger youth sizes-Done! Now available in 8,10 and 12!!!

As always, thanks for shopping locally ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Media Day!!! From KNOE to DeltaStyle....

Wow! For the month of Oct, we raised over $250 for our local Food Bank. All from collecting 15% of the sales of our youth and adult long sleeve duck shirts. It was a pretty cool feeling to write out that check and go deliver it to the Food Bank.
 I've never been there before~ it's located out off Kansas   Lane kind of in the same area as the airport. Let me tell ya- the people were "happy, happy, happy" to get the check. They had no idea we were even doing this. One of the people in charge, Belinda Carver, actually used to be one of my neighbors. Small World!! Our plan is to give them a check each month. (For Nov and Dec). We are collecting this for them until Dec 25th.
  The very next day, I get a call from Belinda and she asks if I can meet her bright and early the next morning to be on KNOE to talk about the shirt.
Oh Lord... I said yes, but was a little nervous. Any way,  I meet her the next morning around 6ish. Everyone was very nice. We got "miked up" and waited for our turn. We watched the show from behind the glass while we waited our turn.
April (who is gorgeous) did the interview and it lasted a whopping 3 minutes. Wheeeew. Glad that was over, but thankful for the publicity on the shirt.
Later that day, Rachel Cagle with DeltaStyle came over and brought me the latest issue (Nov) that featured Mr P's Tees.
What an amazing day of media!!! The article looks fantastic.
We were pumped and so very thankful. Then, as she was leaving, she surprised me with an autograph print of our duck signed by the guys of Duck Dynasty. Wow!!! I couldn't believe it~ I almost cried~
 I was just so incredibly touched that she went to all the trouble to have it printed and get the guys to sign it. Thank u again Rachel!
   Needless to say, it was quite a day!! As always, thanks for reading and supporting a local family business. We are also excited to announce that we are coming to LAKE CHARLES!! Come shop at Pattons Western Wear and check out our designs.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Making of a Mr P's Tee

Before we started this little business, I had not given much thought to everything that goes into making a t-shirt. Let me tell you, it is quite the process!! I wanted to show you guys how it works...
 So, after we figure out what we want to create, I sit down and start drawing. It doesn't necessarily come out like I want the first go around. Let me tell ya, when I first drew the hippo design, it looked like a certain male body part...... I never even "saw" it until a friend pointed it out (thanks Z) !!  Below is NOT the drawing I did, but this hippo is in the same position...
hahahahah  Def not what we want for a kids shirt!!!!
  Moving on.... The drawing is always done in pen and ink..I love to use extra fine sharpies.
Then, the drawing is taken to Tommy's Tees over in Ruston. My sister works over there, so many times, she delivers for me.
I always try to email Lindsey ahead of time to tell her how many shirts, # of colors, etc that we will be needing so we can get on their schedule. Lindsey is the girl who organizes everything for us.

Next, the drawing is given to their graphic designer Jeff. Hey Jeff!
He scans in the drawing and adds color for me to see. Sometimes he adds the fonts too.
On the Hippo design, he showed me different color combinations. The font this time was all hand drawn. Once the design is finalized, he prints it out on a vellum type sheet of paper. The hippo was printed twice. Once for the white ink and once for the purple.

Now its put in this big machine that burns it onto a screen.
BTW- Danny is the guy who runs the back and showed me how this all works.

Next, they kind-of hose the screen off and POOF, the image appears (Danny-please excuse my very very elementary way of describing this whole process!)

Then the shirts are put on this board. (Check out Matt's FRO-WOW!!!)
 Here is the purple ink we picked...
Then the colors are wiped on the screens. They normally do lightest to darkest. So here is the white
And then, here is the purple..

This kind of reminded me of wind shield wipers.
Once these colors are all done, they shirts go through this heating machine that seals the colors in. They literally come down a conveyor belt.
 All done!!! Ready for me to pick up, tag and sell. Wow~~ the day in the life of a Mr P's Tee.
Thanks to Tommy's Tees in Ruston for letting me photograph the whole process.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monreaux the Hippo

About the time that I was working on our Shirley the Elephant design, the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo were acquiring a very special baby hippo. They were running a contest to name the new baby hippo and "Monreaux" was the big winner. I thought to myself -how cool would it be to draw this new little male "river horse".



 When you head over to the zoo, Monreaux is located near the middle of the place. He is located in the same area that Shirley uses to be at. Here is the out side of his space.
And here is the entrance sign with some facts about hippos. When we found him, he was swimming around with his roommate Penelope. He is so much smaller than she is right now, but give him some time, and he will be just as big, if not bigger.
 I was shocked to see he was born in Poland. Wow!!
 He has traveled further than most people will in their life time. He was adorable to say the least. And seems to be getting along quite well with his older female friend. I read that the zoo paid $18,000 for him. Did that include shipping??!! Ha! FYI-the zoo is open year round 7 days a week from 10am-5pm.
   When I was working on this design, I had been thinking in the back of my mind that it was time to do a more female friendly design. "This ones for the girls!!"  I think of our designs as unisex, but many times they lean towards the male side just a little. So, pink long sleeve shirts were ordered and purple was decided on to be the main dominate color. The font was created by yours truly by combining different fonts I found on the Internet. All the lettering is hand drawn.

 I love the playfulness  of it bc this is how I envision Monreaux to be - young and full of life!! At first it was just going to be offered in a youth size, but we had so many people message us about wanting it in an adult size, that we decided to add the adult ones too. The long sleeve shirt is the American Apparel brand that is so popular. Made in America-sweatshop free. Youth sizes are 2,4,6,8 $26 and adult S-XL $31.
   Order online at or get one in West Monroe at Miss Persnickety Joon on Antique Alley.

On a side note, I am feeling much better from my fractured pelvis. Therapy and time have helped (and thankfully youth!). I am almost 6 weeks out from the accident. Still going to therapy but now walking unassisted. Thanks for all the prayers, cards, calls, meals, etc etc etc...