Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thank You Brooke, Hannah & Cypress-Our 2016 Reps!!

We have been pouring through all the entries for this years 2017 Brand Rep search. It has been tough! We had to add a few extra days before we announced our final decision because we were so overwhelmed.... We are still on go to make the annoucement TOMORROW!! Stay tuned....
  With that said, I just wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU to our 2016 Brand Reps. They were the very first team of people that we picked to ever do this AND they were AMAZING!!! What started as a 6 month contract with them, extended to a whole year. We were blown away by all that they did to represent us.
  First there was Brooke Kenney- We love you!!
Brooke takes wonderful photos and has an amazing style about her. She always went to so much effort to find the perfect place to take her pictures. Everything from the Delhi Safari Park,
to finding pumpkins for Fall,
 to a cool road view.

We got to photograph she and her boyfriend in a fun shoot around Ruston, LA.
We always knew Brooke was representing us well!!!!
I can see Brooke working for someone like Vogue one day or being her own famous fashion blogger!!!
   Next there was our teen rep Hannah Bass.

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is out!!!
Her mom Michelle would help take some gorgeous photos of her and that pretty hair she has.
Hannah is home schooled and is also a gifted musician. I loved hearing her play the guitar and sing. The Sky is the limit with her God given talents and sweet spirit.
We had an outside photo shoot in Luna, LA with she and some other teens sitting around a camp fire.
She broke the ice and sand them an original song. The world needs more people like Hannah in it!

 And lastly there was little Cypress Mae.
If only we could all have as much style and spunk as she does!!!
Her little expressive face and outgoing personality always showed through in her photos she would send us. Not to mention, her mother Hannah is one of the coolest people in North Louisiana and would go to tons of effort to get cool photos of her.
She was always finding the best bottoms and accessories for Cypress to wear with our clothes.

We loved getting to have both of them together for a Mother/Daughter shoot in 3 different spots in West Monroe.

The next group of Reps has some seriously BIG Shoes to fill....THANK YOU BROOKE, HANNAH and CYPRESS from the bottoms of our heart!!!


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