Monday, March 6, 2017

And the Winners are....

And the Winners of our 2017 Brand Rep Search are.........

Not to drag this on and on, but I have got to tell you how extremely difficult this was. We had over 1500 public tags with the #MrPsRep2017 and this did not include the hundred or so that private messaged us about following them to see their entry because their page was set to private. Our worker Breanne took a good week printing out all the photos so we could see everyone. I literally looked at all the faces and then went to their Instagram pages and scanned their photos to see if their style fit ours. It took forever! Why do men not get emotionally attached like women?!?  Brent could just flip through them so much faster and make a decision. They are so Black and White.  I was so caught up in it! You would of thought this was Mr P's "Rush"!! hahaha  I honestly had my heart set on using 10 reps but we realized that this was wayyyyy to many for our little company. And of course, Brent reminded me that we will have more searches in the future.
(This was me getting ready to paint Phoebe's toes while I looked at some of our favorites in the bathroom)

After the print outs were ready, We then divided everyone into 3 groups-Baby/Little (under 2ish), Youth, and Teen/Adult. After two days, I had it narrowed down to about 26 people.
Brent then came in and narrowed it down further over lunch.
   So, last night, we hashed it out and came up with these 6 winners (actually 7 because one of them is a brother team). If you didn't get picked, I am very very sorry. Please know that we do get models for our photo shoots from this search. We were able to use around 20 models last year from this search alone. We are truly thankful that you guys think enough of our company to want to rep it. Thank you so much for allowing us to have a glimpse into your lives!! 
 And for real this time....The winners are

For Baby/Little:
1) Lilah ~ This little spunky girl will be 2 years old in June. She is a little fireball who loves dinosaurs and her baby dolls. She lives in Ruston, LA

2) Creed ~ This red headed little handsome is 13 months old and lives in Monroe, LA. He loves Mac and Cheese (me too!) and PJ Mask!!

For Youth:
1) Ryan Kate ~ This stylish princess will turn 3 year old in April and lives in Weston, LA. She will be starting T-Ball soon!!
2) Brothers:  Rhodes (2) and John Mark (5 1/2). These boys live in Ruston, LA . Rhodes loves to show off his dance moves and John Mark is currently in PreK at Cedar Creek School. He loves Star Wars :)

For Teen/Adult:
1) Aulbani ~ This super cool natural beauty is 19 years old and from Choudrant, LA. She is a nursing major and minoring in photography. She loves fashion and works at a hospital and at Rodeo Boutique.

2) Sarah ~ This gorgeous West Monroe High School grad is studying Business Marketing in college and works as a dance teacher at Linda Lavendar School of Dance. She loves painting and is newly engaged! Congrats!!

We can't wait to work with all of them!!! 

Thanks for reading

P.S. We will be selling our new Spring designs in a couple of weeks at the Junior League Spring Market in Monroe, LA at the Civic Center from March 24th-26th. We have 7 new designs coming out!!!

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