Monday, March 13, 2017

Big Slick and The Owen Family

I have been wanting to get this sweet family in some pics for a year now but the timing was never right, but now it FINALLY happened! YAY!!
The Owen Family..... 
I had been following Alyson Owen on Instagram for awhile now. She has a very honest and authentic account ( that tells the ongoing story of a "Louisiana wife & mama living a simple and happy life". She is not afraid to post about bad days and mom struggles as well as all the happy stuff.

Her photography is wonderful as well as her story telling.  It's all real life and relatable and it is so cool that all this famous photo journaling takes place in our home town of West Monroe, LA.  Did I mention that she has over 30K followers?!?! I think they call that Insta-Famous!!

   You may recognize her hubby John David as Willie Robertson's assistant with Duck Commander. Got to love a good thick beard :)

John David was born and raised here and married pretty Alyson who was born here also. They just celebrated their 6th anniversary in December and have two little boys~ Carter, 3 and Benz, 10 months. The love they feel for each other is easily seen in their photos (taken by Heather Land)

  I thought the new "Big Slick" shirt would compliment the families free spirit on the shoot. And for some reason, I just felt like they needed to be photographed Downtown.

A train even went by during the shoot! Fun Fun

It's important to support our downtown area-don't cha think?!?! Most of the pics were taken in front of the old Ouachita Candy Company on Walnut Street. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places Program. Built in 1913. Neat!!
  We like to say that "Big Slick" is first cousins to King Kong and he barrels through the oil fields in his new pair of checkered Vans. All hand drawn and original.
When I first drew him out, he had on the usual Chucks.... but Brent vetoed that and suggested checkered Vans...
So the shoes did change a little.. and then the design was finalized. Loved the little spot light that our fav graphics guy Jeff Smith added to help highlight the design.
And then how it turned out on a youth and adult tee...

  This shirt will make its debut at the Junior League Spring Market in Monroe, LA on Friday March 24th - 26th and be available online by Monday, March 27th at

Thanks for reading and for all your support!


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