Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dress Up

"Playing Dress up begins at age five and never truly ends" ~ Kate Spade

3 friends traveled down winding road to reach their destination of a beautiful open space with lush green grass and twinkling lights. Young women, but still little girls inside, thrilled to be playing dress up. The sun was setting and the colors in the sky were beautiful like them. Innocent faces.
  3 friends sitting by the lake. Dreaming big dreams and then laughing at

   All the girls in fairy tales get to wear big poof-y skirts and this was no different.

                                           It was time to play dress up.

  Ellie slipped on the gorgeous cotton boll skirt.  Her red hair sparkled and her creamy skinned glowed.
She was King Cotton. Or I guess we should call her Queen Cotton. :)

Taylor has these deep soulful eyes and wore the skirt made to stand tall like stalks of corn waiting to be harvested.
She was The Black Bear patiently waiting on the hill.

And then there was Jordyn. Light as a feather and strong all the same.

She was the Dandelion in the group. Calm and whispering, surrounded by feathers.... To be young and free and beautiful again. I hope they realize how much they sparkle??!?!

And then the dream was over and it was time to go relax. Shorts and tees came on and they were instantly transformed back into comfortable teen.

3 friends enjoying the evening. Lights flickering above their heads. The world is their oyster....
The End. 

Thank you for a great night Ellie, Taylor and Jordyn, and all the moms who helped, and to the amazing Heather Land and her photography ( and the sharing of her place) and to Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA  for all the casual clothes for the event. I loved all the girls cut off shorts in particular. Ellie is a freshman at West Monroe High School, Taylor is a freshman at Ouachita High School and Jordyn is an 8th grader at Ouachita Junior High.

Behind the Scenes pics....
Mom helping daughter. Love this!

Those skirts were tied and pinned in every which of way!! 
Heather taking pics of Taylor
Me trying to adjust Jordyn's shirt 

Ellie's mom~ Rebecca ~holding Phoebe

Me hot glueing a freaking ton of corn husks!!!
And my sweet Mom glued every single cotton boll on that skirt!! Thanks Mom

And now Shirts from the Shoot...
 Big Slick on gray

V neck King Cotton (also available in a crew neck)

 Lousiana King Cat (also available in a V-neck)

 Loose fit Dandelion on Brown

Loose Fit Dandelion Scoop neck on light blue

Black Bear Farms Ringer Tee

****All shirts available for the first time in person at the Junior League of Monroe, LA Spring Market March 24-26th. Available online Monday March 27th at

Thank you as always for reading and your support!! Hope you liked seeing the "dream" and the behind the scenes "reality".... It truly takes a Village :)


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