Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fashion Fusion!!!!

Whoa!! Last night was the big Fashion Fusion event put on by Debbie's School of Dance to support the Childrens Coalition of NELA. We had a blast!! Every year I attend this runway dance show, I am more and more impressed. Walking into the lobby of the West Monroe Convention, I was blown away of the Mannequins that Clint Downing had transformed into these amazing pieces of art.

Think something that the Bellagio in Las Vegas would have!! So cool to see how he used coffee filters
, butterflies and decks of cards
to make these "women" carry out the Fairy tale theme of the night. Good job Clint! I ran into the ultra cool Caden and Beau
dressed in our tees, converse and fedoras-LOVE!!
Here is a pic of Julie and Margie who both work for the Childrens Coalition.

   This year, we splurged and got two tables as a THANK YOU for our friends and family who have been supporting us and helping us with their time, volunteering, energy, good vibes, etc. Thank you
to Jordan (in the new American Flag tank) and Amy( in the White deer tank),

To Allison and Jill, 

Cousins Lisa and Megan, 

My sister Holly (who delivers and makes tons of trips to Ruston to help us) and my mom Anne (who helps us two times a week)

And Staci, Melanie, Leigh and Meg. 

   The show started off with some local celebrity models-  like Gene Ponti, Julianne Tippen, Jennifer Plummer and even 3 of the Robertsons (Rebecca with her dog, Missy and Sadie).
I was sitting their watching all the different Boutiques parts and the dancers and just so impressed with Kelsey Tanner and Mackenzie Salter who choreographed the entire show-wow!! They were able to make each store's segment unique and special and entertaining. Loved the Beach balls that Herringstones had
, the Lips that Moody Blues had
the All White with Red Accents for Ksera's "Heart" part.
And seeing Tommy Perkins at the YOUNG age of 38 flipping around like high school cheerleader!!- Here he is lifting a dancer in the J & H Boots and Jeans part.
 Here was WMHS Student Taylor Antley (who I've known since she was little and is a cousin) modeling for Salt and Pepper
And that is just a few!! 
  I started getting a little nervous for our section-you see, Brent had a very special part in it. He opened the number playing his drums. Yes- the drums!! Back in the Day, Brent played the drums in a band...I know...good looking and talented and in a band-ROCK STAR!! ;) I hit the jackpot!! hehehe When they were in the planning stages of our segment, the thought was for us to have a tribal/hip hop feel with the drums, dancing, etc. So, Brent got his Djembe out of storage and started practicing getting his hands back in shape.
Thru all the practices, I gotta tell ya'll, he really got attached to the kids and teens in our section. Big thank you to this very special group of dancers who we were really proud to represent us...Bella, Darbi, Lizzy, Sarah, John Michael, Jordon, Tuddie, Emma, Jacey, Julie, Madie, Serenity, Kelsey and her little girl "P"!
  I snuck back stage and snapped a few pics
(Serenity in purple Pelican tee getting ready)
(Madie getting her last minute hair fix)
(I sure hoped I hadn't forgotten anything)
(John Michael in red Oak tree tee, Julie in White Deer Tank, and Jordan in War Buffalo tee)

and then rushed back to get ready to watch. Brent and the Boys nailed it!

Im going to attempt to upload a quick video of some of it....

And then the girls started all their dancing and hitting of the drum sticks-so cool!
Check out Tuddie in the front getting down!!

(Lizzy is in the purple magnolia tank, Darbi in the teal Excavator tee, Sarah in the light blue Sea Turtle Tank)

Performance Art for sure. Our group had on a variety of tees and tanks with leggings, little denim skirts, camo capris, cropped jogging pants, skinny jeans and each one had on a pair of Chuck Taylors. Here was Bella in the Monarch Butterfly tank and cropped rust colored pants
You guys should of seen Jordan's solo with his fedora- So entertaining!! Young Hip Hop Patrick Swayze
Here was the final walk thru with the models and dancers (girls had gotten comfy and barefoot!)
Jacey in the blue cow tee and Emma in the Tree tee with camo pants

We tried to take a big group pic at the end-hated that Megan was not in it. 
But got a few cute pics of her by herself---it always amazes me to see how she styles our tops...

Butterfly tank looks cool!!
Full length of Amy in her outfit!
Me and Mel
and Me and Allison! I had on our Charcoal Oak Tree Racerback Tank with a long black skirt.
And precious little Paisley with her Daddy in the hot pink butterfly tee. 
Love these three drummers!!! Time to relax, the show is over.

Thanks for reading- Come see us Sat. May 16th at the Downtown River Market in Monroe, LA 10Am-4pm


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