Sunday, April 5, 2015

What is the Latest.....

It has been a busy few weeks for us.....We are in the middle of preparing and practicing for Fashion Fusion. This runway/fashion/dancing event is put on by Debbie's School of Dance and the Children's Coalition.
This year, Brent is actually preforming and modeling with the kids and teens in our segment. He has been practicing very hard and I can't wait for ya'll to see our segment. Big thanks to Mackenzie Salter for all your help teaching everyone.
Way to go Hubs!!!
Here is a quick after practice photo of our group..

 Kelsey Bourg (Dancer/Choreographer) did a beautiful photo spread in DeltaStyle Magazine this month promoting the event. The photo shoot was done by  It is amazing and has that enchanted magical feel. Our spread has a down to earth version of Kelsey in our Ringer Deer Tank, blue jeans shorts and our logo tee-Def the All American Girl look! The opposite photo features Kelsey painted up to look like a mystical deer in a Bambi styled dress. I think this dress was available at Duck and Dressing.
Love this!!
  We had our own little photo shoot over in Luna, LA at the super cool Heather and Brandon Land's house. Heather reminds me of a younger edgier version of the Pioneer Woman. She used to model in the big cities back in the day and now is a well respected photographer.  The Land's Land (hehehe) features Rolling Green Hills, Chickens, Horses and the COOLEST House with roll up garage doors (they let the outdoors inside!!) you have ever see- Every time I go out there, I always come home and tell Brent how badly I'd love a set up like that. Heather and stylist Brandi Howard created some wonderful shots of models Sydney Fincher and Megan Flemming~two of the prettiest red heads you have ever seen!!
It was cool seein' behind the scenes to get ready for the shots.  I had never thought about tucking in one of our tanks into a fitted leather skirt, but loved how this turned out. It is always nice to see how other people wear your clothes. :)
Here is Brandi (another red head!!!!)  helping with Megan's hair and with Sydney's hair. 
(see that magnolia tank tucked into that poofy black skirt-so cool!!)
All kinds of jewelry and accessories were pulled to see what went best with our tees and tanks. 
 One of my favorite photos from the shoot is featured in our ad in DeltaStyle Magazine this month of Megan wearing the hand created Spanish Moss skirt from Spring Market and the Butterfly tank.
This skirt is now on display up at Ksera in West Monroe, LA. It was featured on one of their IG posts.
You guys know my dream is for our designs to be sold in Anthropologie. I try to create interesting displays that I think someone like Anthropologie would showcase......

  We have two new retailers- Our beloved Beau and Mollys in Natchitoches decided to shut its store front and go to online orders only. Owner Katie is still doing all of her monogramming out go her home.  We wish her the best of luck and our so thankful for all her help and friendship. She introduced us to Tracy Warner over at The Vintage Magnolia Boutique
who is now carrying us in Natchitoches. This store is right next door to where Beau and Mollys was on Front Street. We just shipped them some very special striped Demon tanks for the NSU fans
and some of our striped Magnolia tanks.
  Our other new retailer is Arrangements Limited and Gifts in Tallulah, LA.
This store is owned by sweet Amber and Kiley King. She came over to spring market and made a list of everything she wanted from youth - adult tees. Love the display she created with our designs!!
Excited to be on the East side of our state. :)
Also- we now have a shortened easier web is now the simple
 Thank you Rebecca Fry for your help with this.

Thanks as always for reading~


PS.... Free Shipping is still going on until Midnight of Monday April 6th. Enter promo code EASTERSHIP at checkout. Anywhere in the USA.

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