Tuesday, April 14, 2015


A few months ago, we had a family out-ing (what I like to tease Brent and call "Family Fun Day") and went to the Ag Expo. It was going on right down the road at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center. It's funny how much your life changes once you have little kids!! HA! So-the Ag Expo was our big event for the weekend and we actually had a really good time.
Tons of animals to pet and see, as well as big heavy equipment like tractors. P was in heaven and Phoebe was too. :)  At the end of our visit, we headed over to the covered outdoor arena where the livestock judging was going on. We saw a ton of cows
, but really fell in love with this young girl and her cow named Jack.
I wish I would of gotten her name. She was so sweet and her young cow had the nicest disposition. Does anyone that is reading this blog know who this young lady is? Would love to mail her a shirt....
P wasn't entirely to sure about getting to close to him..

.. After meeting Jack, We had lunch at The Creamery in West Monroe by Hobby Lobby. Love that place! While munching on our curly q's, we talked and knew we wanted to do a cow shirt. A Cow tee would be fun!!  I get to look at a pasture full of cows every week since August out in the Luna area when I go teach art out at Pinecrest School. Hey Cows!!
 While I was in Natchitoches drawing back in Feb., I worked on the infamous cow design. Brent really wanted him to be a Hereford Cow and we both knew he needed a "P" brand on him.  
 What is so great about a Hereford cow?? Well, they are very popular beef cows that exist in over 50 countries and there are more than 5 million pedigree Hereford cattle that exist. They are a very hardy animal that have thrive well in harsh climates. and breed easily.  I found where Cattle.com  called the Hereford the "icon of the cattle industry." They are known for their reddish color and white faces.  I will I had one!!
   When I first started drawing him, I tried to put in a feather on him like an indian...I have no idea why, this is just what came to me....Some ideas are better left up in your head!!
After looking at him, we realized the brand needed to be moved back some.
And then I finally got him drawn out right..
The literal interpretation for this brand is Circle P.
When we first got the color added, we realized he needed to be darker and the "P" needed to be in white. So, I colored on him some more to darken him up and redrew the brand out so it would be in white. 
Voila-- This looked good, but for a split second, we debated about him being a blue/purple color....
So glad we went with the natural look. We put the youth design on a bright blue tee..
And we just printed him on the most flattering v-neck striped tee.
It really is striped...look at this closeup below..
My sweet friend Kathryn (who I run and work out with) wore her v-neck tee the other day with her family Farm's logo hat. So cool!!!!
Also got this gorgeous pic of Megan and Sydney. Sydney had on the distressed green cow tee with some flannel. So Cute on her!!

And then we saw this beautiful pic of Brooke Womack in the newest blue Cow Tank...looks good with her blonde hair. 
The tank is actually called a Shirt Tail Tank. It is the usual racerback style but the tail of it is made longer in the back-AWESOME!! Perfect with leggings to help hide the booty. :)

All of these are available online at www.mrpstees.com or at select local retailers. 
Thanks as always for reading. Hope you like reading a tiny bit of history and the process behind our designs. 


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