Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Youth Photo Shoot with Neal Hollimon

 When I was a senior at Louisiana Tech, I was lucky enough to of been an Orientation Student Leader. I was actually the 396th OSL leader and I loved doing it!
(Pic of our group minus Craig Bryan- Miss all of you!)
I think I tried out twice before I finally made it. Back then, students didn't get to schedule their classes online, but you had to wait in line to sit down next to someone on a computer and figure it out. Whichever Orientation group was the loudest and most spirited, got to register first!! This was a big deal b/c it meant you may not have to have the dreaded 8'oclock classes. My group was called "Lissy's Mighty Mutts" and my second session won the contest!! Check out the dude in the middle with the red paint and skates on---we called him "Roller Mutt"!!  I think this was back when the shoes with wheels first came out and were popular. There were a handful of freshman during the summer of '01 that came through that I truly clicked with. I liked all of them, but a few have always stood out 14 years later (I am getting OLD OLD OLD). Thanks to social media, Ive been lucky enough to keep up with some of them like Amy Scharf, Leslie Dumas, Lindsey Bergeron and Neal Hollimon. The white arrow is pointing to Neal. Hiding in the back-HA!
    Neal was a Ruston boy who probably didn't have to go to Freshmen Orientation.
He was from the area so he was already familiar with the University. Somehow, he did end up going and actually had a really good time. We became instant friends. Fast forward many years later, and I would get to catch up with him here and there on Facebook or Instagram. He has an established sidewalk business that takes him all over the county, and he began to do photography on the side in his spare time. He takes beautiful pics- especially of children. He had a photograph a few years ago that won the cover of BayouLife Magazine of a girl walking down some train tracks.
Did you remember this one? I was so proud of him when I saw this.
    I asked him to come over and take some pics of Phoebe and Pearson. We needed some images of our newer youth tees and plus it gives me nice prints of our kids. Win-Win! Phoebe and P immediately warmed up to him and his laid back approach.
He joked around with them and kind of let them lead the way. So funny-phoebe ended up laying down in a big patch of Irises by my gold fish pond.
She thought this was the funniest thing! 

Totally not coaxed or prompted. Neal just went with it and got this gorgeous shot above and this one below.

Phoebs in the new American Flag tee. The tee is 100% Organic Cotton. Super soft and Made in the USA. Pretty important, I think,  when you have a tee featuring an American Flag! It was designed in West Monroe, LA and printed in Ruston, LA. 

Earlier, the kids had wandered around in my mothers  back yard snatching up her hot pick azaleas. 

Click Click Click went his camera...

And Voila...

Here she was picking flowers. Love this. So innocent. Shown in a 2t purple magnolia tank. 
Back at our house, We walked around until we found a little patch of shade to get the kids in. 

P in the little v neck brown Arrowhead tee. Shown in a 4t.

Neal just takes nice photographs!

He sent me this one for fun. I was totally not dressed to be in any pics, but love the fact that I now have this one with my #1 girl. 
P in the War Buffalo tee and orange shorts.
Love these two of Phoebe in the purple pelican tee, denim skirt and yellow leggings. Perfect summer outfit or even for an LSU ballgame. 
Neal was a good sport and even carried Phoebe around. 

The kids had a nice morning with him. You will have to check him out on Instagram and Facebook under Neal Hollimon. Thanks Ole Buddy!! 

And, if you like some of the YOUTH tees you saw here, they are available online at or at The Childrens Shoppe in Monroe, LA and in Ruston, LA or at Arrangements Limited & Gifts in Tallulah, LA or at Gypsy Pearl in Rayville, LA. 

Also- don't forget, we will be at The Rivermarket on Sat May 16th from 10am-4pm in Monroe, LA.

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