Friday, July 4, 2014

Prepping for Rivermarket

The very last Rivermarket is tomorrow (10am-4pm) until they start back up again in the Fall.  Our two booths will be across from the Courthouse at Sycamore Hall #29 and #30. We have been working hard to be ready for it. We really try hard to go all out when we do one of these things. I feel like if you are going to all the trouble to set up your designs, hire a baby sitter and be away from your kids for the day, it needs to look good. Like you care!! And WE DO!! I realize how important presentation is... I wouldn't call myself a detail person, but I do like to plan. I actually went and measured our booth spaces and then graphed the whole set up out on graphing paper....
My girlfriends who have helped us in the past always laugh at me bc I have a certain way I like the orange tissue paper to be folded when our shirts are wrapped up. ( I promise I'm actually really laid back!!) lol
  Our #1 Employee's mom (Marina Raborn) found these old wooden tshirt displays
that we are going to incorporate into our setup. Some were missing pieces so Jordan (the #1 employee) went to Hobby Lobby and worked her magic on them. This is her painting them gray.
She even got her sweet boyfriend Allan to come help.
  I got it in my head that we needed to incorporate fireworks into our mannequins since this was the July 4th weekend. I took sweet Phoebs down the road to the firework place
and got a few. She loves to ride in buggy's!
Can't wait for y'all to see how they turned out... This is me working on the little boy model. Yes- that is a plastic cup, oasis, and sparkers to start with.
Here is a pic of all the mannequin "heads". Have to pack them up separately  

We also made a trip to Office Depot to stock up on essentials (tape, pens, paper, Etc). Poor Phoebs gets drug everywhere-HA!

So, what will we have tomorrow? We will have the new kid designs (Bayou Bullfroggin
and the Hot Pink Dragonfly). Plus all the other popular kid designs. We will also have all of our tanks and dresses
(love this pic I saw on Instagram that one of our retailers took). As well as all of our adult tees, including the new Adult Bayou Bullfrog and Cowskull. Brent is shown wearing an adult large Cowskull.

So, we were quite busy on this 4th getting ready, but we did mange to have some fun at one of our neighbors pools. Thanks Beth and Rodney!! Here is Stuart and Lilya Jaubert with Phoebe and Pearson.

See ya tomorrow-

P.S. Our Half Off Mascot Tee sale is still going on until Sunday. This is online only Great time to stock up for school.


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