Friday, June 27, 2014

Pretty Little Rebels.....

We had a little photo shoot the other night with three of my favorite girls-Makenzie, Adrianna and Annmarie. All juniors at WMHS. The plan was to do the whole photo short at the site of the old Livestock/ Sale Barn on Cypress Street across from J & H Boots & Jeans. Sad to see this WM landmark being torn down.
The girls first met at our home and tried on the new Rebel Football Tee.
They all wore an adult small. These shirts are unisex and are available in S-XL ($34). Because Brent wasn't home yet with Pearson, and I had Phoebe with me, we ended up taking the first batch of pics in the wooded area near our home.
The girls looked so cute in their cut offs and cowboy boots!! Awe- to be young and tan and have long hair like that... :)
They are all three just gorgeous!!!!

Here is 
 and Kenzie.....
And a few more...

Even got a few cute shots on Brent's Jeep!!

 And this is what Phoebe was dong the whole time...playing in her car (and eating mud!)
On a side note, these football tees look good on men too. And not just metrosexual men--real men!! 

Check out Brent in this pic that Heather Land took (Twosuez Photography). He is wearing an adult large.

After this, we went back inside to the "tshirt room" and the girls got their tanks.
The tanks are a slimmer fit made for woman. Annmarie and Adrianna had on smalls and Kenzie had on a medium for the pics. I normally wear the XL. They are available S-XL for $34 each too. They girls wore little white bandeaus underneath. I most of the time will wear a white sports bra with mine.

(Phoebe seemed to really like Annmarie!)
Finally, Brent got home and we headed off to the site...
This was the view looking back towards Cypress Street. It was about 6 in the evening. 
It was a mess out there, but so many cool textures and backgrounds to pick from.

The girls were troopers and climbed and got on anything I asked them. In the middle of all of this, some people came out and I think started taking pics of US taking pics!! Funny
On this concrete block.

And loved these with this old metal behind them.

Then got them on the last remaining standing metal gates

Pretty Adrianna...

Cool rusted metal everywhere!! texture,texture, texture....

Big Thank you to these three Pretty Little Rebels.....

Football Tees and Tanks can be ordered at Only $3 to ship!

Thanks for reading and supporting our little Rebel Family :)


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