Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rivermarket~ Friends, Family & Fans

What I first thought was going to be a terrible day, turned into a fun one!
 We got to the Rivermarket this morning bright and early. Ready to set up and be together for the public by 10am. But when we arrived, there were quite a few wooden carts individually locked and chained inside our booth space.
WTH??!? When asked to get them moved, we were told no one was sure where the key was to unlock them..WTH??! Come on City of Monroe!!! Get It TOGETHER!!! Uggggg. Thankfully, a nice policeman (Thanks Officer Rodgers) went and got bolt cutters and cut each cart free.
(Here he is cutting and talking to Robby) Why were these carts even there to begin with~ knowing you are hosting a big Rivermarket with vendors paying for those spaces??? But---moving on....We were able to get set up in the allotted time. Mainly, bc we had a GREAT team who has done this before.  Our Dream Team of helpers consisted of Robby (the brother extraordinaire)
, Jordan (#1 employee), Allan (The boyfriend)
(Allan and Jordan looking cute in their Nutria Rat and War hawk Football tee)
, Brent (whose back was hurting) and me.
(Brent in the new Bullfrog tee, me in our Champ the Bulldawg tank and Robby in the new Cowskull tee)
  The space ended up looking fantastic if I do say so myself). Thankful we rented 2 spaces to spread out more. Here are a few more pics of set up.
We added a little patriotic fun to our signature white deer

One of our painted signs and mannequins 
We had a bunch of items hung up on clothes pins 

We saw tons of friends and fans! Loved it when people came by wearing their Mr P's Tees
Here is Erin and Randal. She had on our Honey Bee Racerback tank

And above is sweet Stella aka Luna in her Shirley the Elephant Tee.
Then we saw Anna Kate. She is one of the Hawkline Dancers at ULM and had on the new tank we created for them for camp!! And here is Annie Mae and Dave Reeves. We LOVE Annie Mae's salsa and Dave is quite the musician.

Annie Mae got our new Cowskull Tank and put it on right then. Looked fantastic on her. That is my new fav tank of ours.

And here are two of our fav girls, Kristi & Amber. Kristi had on our White Perch Tee and Amber had on the Bald Cypress Tee.

This is the cute little Megan who put her cypress tank on as soon as she got it!! Awesome :)

And then, Phoebe's Fav babysitter Megan her and Fav Dog Gidget came to visit!!
 LOL!! And then we were visited by these two patriot people!! Love your spirit!!!
Brent and Robby made sure they got a few Prom Poses in...

And here is a shot of the Adorable Parker in his Warhawk tee!! And one more little cutie named Keller. He was sporting our original tri blend bulldawg tee.

These precious little girls just enjoyed wearing our stickers!!!
And we even had a little group that just hung out and ate their snow cones in the shade :)
Our sweet niece Katie and her BFF Marley came by and ended up staying for awhile so we put them to work!! They straightened shirts and put them back in order. 
Both of these Girls are wearing our brand new Rebel Man Tanks. 

Got to see fellow artists Joni Dollar and Clint Downing too. Hey Guys!!

And here is our buddy Chris Zagone and his beautiful daughter Lillie Beth. Thanks so much for helping up tear down the booth!!

One of the things I always look forward to when we work a Rivermarket is the Famous King Egg Rolls that my friend Leigh Rodgers makes. She and I used to work together many many moons ago at Outback Steakhouse. If you guys go to The Rivermarket in the Fall, stop by and try one of her hand made egg rolls and special sauce to dip them in. Or if you want to order some before then, give her a shout at 318-805-1688.YUM YUM YUM
Talk about service....she even delivered to our booth!! Another cool thing about today, was getting to be "Almost" neighbors with Taylor and Libby.
They are two of the
most talented people around.  They have created a website called Its a neat site that helps people with "make it Yourself" projects and also offers creative workshops. Taylor was making Mason Jar Terrariums with succulents and air plants. Libby had handmade goods from Rwanda.
So cool!! Taylor made me one of the Terrariums and I love it.

It was a good long day. We will def be back in Fall. 
Thanks for reading, now off to bed. 

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