Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mr P's goes to Pigskins and Pearls

Fun ladies lunch today at Squire Creek in Choudrant to learn more about football and get excited about Louisiana Tech Football. The event was called Pigskins and Pearls
and was put on to help the Boys and Girls Club. My friend Meg Moore and I talked about this and decided it would be fun to get a group of Tech alumni girls together and attend. So, we got a table of 8. The gang ended up being me, Meg, Allison Ford, Paige Smith, Kelsey Laudenheimer, Paige Smith (yes- there were 2 Paige Smiths!!!), Katie Bonnette and Brittany Albritton. Everyone wore their new Mr P's Bulldawg tees or tanks.
(Meg and Brittany)
(Katie and Allison)
(Kelsey, Paige and Paige...on a side note, the two Paiges were both Alpha Chi's at Tech!!)

We got to hear Coach Skip Holtz (Head Coach) talk as well as a few of the coaches' wives and the informative Coach Manny Diaz (Defensive coordinator). A few of the players spoke and answered questions and posed for pics. They also sat ate with the ladies too. Here is Kenneth Dixon and Mitchell Bell shown at a table. It was touching to hear how the boys talk to their Mamas back home every day. I kept having flashes of the future and wondering if my kids will do the same.
Always enjoy seeing Lane Titus who runs things out there. He and I worked at Chili's together many many moons ago. Squire Creek is lucky to have him.
The Table decorations were cute and they also had a drawing to win a pearl necklace and earrings from Baldwins if you donated school supplies for the Boys and Girls Club......Meg brought A L O T of school supplies :)
Here is a pic of me and Katie.
She owns Rodeo Boutique in Ruston and carries our clothes. Love her and her store!!! We are sold out of our new Bulldawg design but promise to have more in next week.

Meg (who is having a boy!!!!), Allison and I all wore the new Champ the Bulldawg Ringer Tank. Funny how you can have three girls wear the same tank but everyone wears it differently and with their own style.
So cute!!!
And then Katie got interviewed by I think some TV station in Shreveport..

She was a professional!! In the end, we got to pose with the football players who were at the event.
And also got to see cute Amy Scharf who is always been such a great supporter to us. I was pumped to see her in her football tee.

Go Dawgs GO!!

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