Saturday, March 8, 2014

What is #louisianaproud?

Born and raised in Louisiana and proud of it! You hear the sayings, "practice what you preach " and it makes me think about Mr P's Tees-create what you know!!
  We love designing shirts that represent what we love and WE LOVE Louisiana. Where else has the best food,
great places to hunt, wonderful places to visit, the most interesting animals, and the most diverse scenery around.
  We love crawfish, gumbo, oysters, Spanish moss , shrimp, bayous, huge crop lands, plantation homes, meat pies, pelicans, gators, pralines, white tail deer, white perch, New Orleans, Breaux Bridge, of course The Twin Cities, Mardi Gras, fried chicken, Natchitoches,  sweet tea, Kiroli Park, rocking chairs, etc etc etc. I could go on and on and on. What are some of your favorites?
  What is so great about shopping with us??? ( besides the fact that our designs are original And printed on high quality tees?) ....we are LOCAL and we shop LOCAL
(Brent in our new logo camo logo tee)

China and India  aren't mass producing our tees. Everything is made in America and printed in Louisiana. . We love supporting the "little people" ~we love eating, shopping and supporting the good folks in Louisiana (esp Northeast Louisiana) The only time you will see me at Pecanland mall is for a Great American Cookie. ..forgive me-I just love that icing
!!. But most of the time, I'd rather pick up a  dobash  cake from Thurman's or a sheetcake from Not Just Pie. I'm the girl who has never set foot in TJ Max and it doesn't bother me one bit. ;)
 The first in our Louisiana Proud series, was our sweet plump Black bear.

Then, we added our beautiful Brown Pelican.

The racerback maxi dress has been a hit!

and on baby onesies too!

Now, the latest that is coming out soon is the Honey Bee. Did you know that it is the Louisiana State Insect??

The final design!
It will be featured on youth v neck tees, adult tees and long black maxi dresses!! Yay!

  Did you know that we will be at The Junior League Spring Market this year?? It will be at the Monroe Civic Center March 21-23. We will have tons on new designs for it.. And then, on Sat April 5th, we will have 9 kids modeling our clothes at Fashion Fusion at the West Monroe Convention Center.  Can't wait !!Debbies School of Dance always does an amazing job with this. So many fun things going on in our area. ;)
    Our state has so much to offer~  I'm proud to be from Louisiana, and proud to be from West Monroe.   #louisianaproud

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