Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Market Sneak Peak

Count down to the big Monroe Junior League Spring Market... We have been working extra hard to have some cool displays and lots of new merchandise for everyone. I love the store Anthropologie- who doesn't??! Their displays are amazing and so inspiring. I love the idea of taking unexpected objects and making them into something else totally different.

I've always loved the "dress" that Pearl Pumphreys does every Christmas that is made out of Christmas tree branches. Kind of like this one I saw on the internet...
Got me thinking about what other things could be used to make a "dress" or "skirt" out of. I did some researching on the net for ideas. This one was another cool one I saw on Pinterest.
And then it hit me in the middle of the night....Post it notes!!!
How cool would it be to make a skirt out of them to go with one of our tank tops??!!? So, the next morning, I loaded up Phoebe and we headed to Office Depot to check out their post it note inventory. The purple, yellow and orange colors worked great with our Tiger tank so I went with it. I had an old long BCBG prairie skirt that I loved, but had stains on it across the back that wouldn't come out so it was perfect to sacrifice for the sake of ART!
I started hot glue gunning the post it's in layers upon layers across the skirt.
This took a good 2 hours to cover. All done while watching Maury (You are Not the father!! Lol) and  The Chew. I then pinned it on the mannequin, added the tank
and went to work on her "head".
Dried yellow flowers and moss did the trick. Now just had to add some material under the skirt to make it POOF. I actually cut out the underside of an old dress I wore for Junior Miss back in 1996
!! Another sacrifice for ART. ;) This is def a throwback pic.. Still needed more poof so now I added some bubble wrap. Did u guys know they sell this stuff by the yard at The Paper Market in Monroe??
So pleased with how this turned out.
Come check it out this weekend at the Monroe Civic Center March 21-23. We will have 3 other cool displays and our latest designs for babies, youth and adults. And speaking of latest designs......
Here is one of our latest dresses...
(New Southern Giraffe Maxi Dress, $68, S-XL)
And then we have our new White Perch/ Black Perch shirt. This was a design created specially by Brent. He fought for this design for a couple of months. Good job Hubs. You were right!! 
Did you guys know there are a million different names for a White Perch?? Such as Sac a Lait, Crappie, Papermouth, Tin Mouth, Perch, etc etc. We have a bunch of these names featured in the back ground in different fonts with our White Perch and Black Perch. Screen printed on a super soft Indigo blue tri blend tee. S- XXL  $28
Next we have our Louisiana Proud Honey Bee design. It is on a V-neck for the little people (sizes 2t,4t,6t, 8, 10 and 12) $24 and on a regular crew neck for adults (S-XXL, $28) 
And on a Long Black Maxi dress......
Have I mentioned how much I love these dresses??  Great dressed up with heals, and even more perfect with flip flops and over a bathing suit.
 For all our Bulldawg fans out there, we printed our new 2014 Bulldawg design on the cutest, softest football tee. Shown here...
 And on some of the Red and Blue Color Block Sweatshirts shown below (sneak peak for Fall 2014!!) and on some regular 50/50 blend Adult and youth tees.

Our Warhawk fans are getting their own cool football tee too!!
As well as youth and adult tees and sweatshirts. So many new gotta come check it all out. We are working to get all of these on our website this week for all our out of town fans to shop.

 Oh yeah, Almost forgot...we printed a few of our giraffes on a gold tri blend tee- Love him!! Bring on summer!!!

---we are #louisianaproud.

If you can't make Spring market and see something you want, check us out online at


Big thanks to Jordan for all her tagging lately....not the more exciting part of this job but so appreciated :)

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