Sunday, February 2, 2014

Louisiana Black Bear

Our newest design pays tribute to The Louisiana Black Bear. What a neat animal!! Did you know that the Black Bear is our state mammal?? You probably see license plates around town depicting this prized animal.
(photo from internet)
  When I was researching this special animal, I learned some interesting facts.  Since 1988, hunting season for The Louisiana Black Bear has been closed. This guy is protected.  He is federally listed as a threatened species. This wasn't always the case. A record in the 1890's showed that at least 17 parishes contained bears-mostly in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya area. By the 1950's, the population was considered "sparse" with an estimated 80-120 bears. From 1964-1967, 161 Black Bears were trapped up in Cook County, Minn and released in the Louisiana and Mississippi areas in an effort to help re stock the population.  This map is where the Bears are at now.
These bears are considered smaller than bears like grizzlies.
(pic taken from internet)
The female usually weighs around 120-250 lbs and the males weigh around 150-350. These guys are pretty darn smart and can give farmers a lot of grief. Have you guys ever come across one?? Apparently there is quite a few bears at the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge located west of Tallulah. The Bears hide in the thick bottomland forest. In 1907, Teddy Roosevelt hunted the Black Bear just north of here and the nick name "teddy bear" came about from an incident that occurred during the hunt.
  I read that Disneynature is releasing a movie called "Bears" on April 18th~ 4 days before Earth Day.
It sounds really cool. The viewer gets to follow the life of a bear family and the raising of two young cubs over the course of one year. How cool? When we created this design, we had no idea about this movie coming out. Great minds think alike!??! haha
    What is Earth Day? A day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. And, a day to teach about environmental issues. Love this- I can't wait to do something in honor of this day with my kids.. Brent would tell you that I am kind of a tree hugger. What have you guys done in the past with your family?? Planted a tree??
  So, back to the shirt...Its right now, only  available for the kids. Sizes 2t,4t,6t, 8, 10 and 12  $24 each. We printed it on a super cool bright orange shirt
that is very soft next to your child's skin. Our bear is plump and happy.
(this is the original pen and ink drawing)
He is printed in black (of course) and could be worn by both boys and girls.
(For a very cool boy to wear..)
(or for a girl!)
order online at

(Mr P--pre haircut!!hahah in his new Black Bear tee)

Thanks for reading!!!

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