Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thankful for Jordan....

Back in early Fall, I was hanging out with one of my favorite artsy fartsy friends, Melanie Massey. We were at her home in her studio and I was telling her how overwhelmed I was with Mr P's Tees. To be quite honest, I was drowning!! Mr P's is not Brent and I's "real jobs". This is a side business we have that we don't even pay ourselves anything. It all just goes back into the business. I actually build homes for a living and he and his dad co own a window and door company (Ark La Tex Window and Door) in West Monroe and Shreveport.
  I was telling Melanie
(Melanie and her beautiful daughters in our tiger tees)

about how I truly love the drawing and designing aspect of Mr P's but didn't have time to do the little stuff like tag shirts, deliver shirts, fill orders, etc. She said " well , you need a high school of college student to come work a few hours each week to help you". And then she followed it up with "And I think I know the perfect person". A few texts back and forth and I had a girl named Jordan Raborn ( who is related to Melanie) coming over that next week to help. Wow! So easy. I remember Melanie looking at me and saying " Done! What else you need?!"  Hahah. Thank you Melanie!!
   I was a little nervous about how this girl and I would hit it off. Would she like me? Would I like her ? Would she be a good worker ??? I knew her brother, Madison, from MMPT and he is a great guy, so fingers crossed that she would be too.  Thankfully, she turned out to be a hard worker who I adore, who is very witty and who is fiercely LOYAL. I had my accident after about a month of her helping us, and I can't begin to tell you what a God send she has been.
(Jordan painting pigs!)

  So who is Jordan? She is a beautiful spunky sophomore at ULM. She is a Hawkline dancer,
a Phi Mu and was in pre pharmacy when we first met, but she is now in business (I think we might be rubbing off on her!!).
(This is she and her dad at Christmas)
  She does everything from tagging shirts, inventory on the computer,
(She painted this orange display)

, delivering orders, to picking up checks, making deposits, and she will even model for me when I ask her to.
(Told ya she is beautiful!)
She will also tell me if she likes a design or not and let's me know what the college girls are in to these days.  Did I mention she even worked for us all day in the freaking cold at the Downtown River Market for the Commander Christmas?? I love to laugh and tell her when we get a big order that it is "job security" for her!! haha
   I just love her and so does Mr P. He loves to watch her work and "help" her.
I try to tell her regularly how THANKFUL I am for her and how much I appreciate her. (I think she knows this!).

Thanks for Reading!

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