Monday, November 11, 2013

Media Day!!! From KNOE to DeltaStyle....

Wow! For the month of Oct, we raised over $250 for our local Food Bank. All from collecting 15% of the sales of our youth and adult long sleeve duck shirts. It was a pretty cool feeling to write out that check and go deliver it to the Food Bank.
 I've never been there before~ it's located out off Kansas   Lane kind of in the same area as the airport. Let me tell ya- the people were "happy, happy, happy" to get the check. They had no idea we were even doing this. One of the people in charge, Belinda Carver, actually used to be one of my neighbors. Small World!! Our plan is to give them a check each month. (For Nov and Dec). We are collecting this for them until Dec 25th.
  The very next day, I get a call from Belinda and she asks if I can meet her bright and early the next morning to be on KNOE to talk about the shirt.
Oh Lord... I said yes, but was a little nervous. Any way,  I meet her the next morning around 6ish. Everyone was very nice. We got "miked up" and waited for our turn. We watched the show from behind the glass while we waited our turn.
April (who is gorgeous) did the interview and it lasted a whopping 3 minutes. Wheeeew. Glad that was over, but thankful for the publicity on the shirt.
Later that day, Rachel Cagle with DeltaStyle came over and brought me the latest issue (Nov) that featured Mr P's Tees.
What an amazing day of media!!! The article looks fantastic.
We were pumped and so very thankful. Then, as she was leaving, she surprised me with an autograph print of our duck signed by the guys of Duck Dynasty. Wow!!! I couldn't believe it~ I almost cried~
 I was just so incredibly touched that she went to all the trouble to have it printed and get the guys to sign it. Thank u again Rachel!
   Needless to say, it was quite a day!! As always, thanks for reading and supporting a local family business. We are also excited to announce that we are coming to LAKE CHARLES!! Come shop at Pattons Western Wear and check out our designs.

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