Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashley Wyatt Photography helping Mr P's Tees

This was a blog that should of been written a couple of months ago!!
  I met Ashley Wyatt a couple of years ago through my sister Holly. They were co workers in Ruston at the time, and she actually photographed our wedding back in 2011

 and some Christmas card pics with our dogs in 2010.
 I was super pleased to say the least....  This chic is very laid back and very sweet. She volunteered to come help with some photo shoots with the Sterlington and Neville girls. And let me tell you, It was so nice having a professional take the photos. All I did was hand out clothes!!! Her website is
  Here are some of the amazing shots she took. These first few are of Melissa, Cate, Selwyn, and Katie in our bulldawg sweatshirts. They were amongst the trees on the campus of Neville High.

Love the lighting!!! You cant even tell that it was 100 degrees outside in August and the girls were melting in the sweatshirts!!

The next couple feature friends Katelynn, Shea and Ashley in our Warhawk tanks on the Sterlington High School field.

To view more pics from both of these shoots- go to  Click on "Website" and go to "Proofing". The password for the Sterlington photo shoot is "shs" and the password for the Neville photo shoot is "nhs".  These slideshows are wonderful!!!!

Thanks again Ashley!!!

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