Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chief, Chief, Chief

Finally!!!! We got our Chief design figured out. I knew I wanted it to be the old school chief who oozes wisdom and toughness.
Hope all the West Ouachita Fans out there are pleased. To start, I researched a lot of pics of existing Chiefs/Indian, and then I started sketching.
 Next the Extra Fine Tip Sharpies got ahold of it.
 The eyes were the toughest and most important part. I kept adding a little more shading to it.
Once satisfied, I printed out a copy for myself to color on
 and to show the graphics man what I was thinking. Then, voila.... The end result!!
This design will be featured on a short sleeve American Apparrl tri-blend athletic gray tee S-XXL (and on a youth 8,10 and 12) AND on that wonderfully super soft Alternative Apparel Color Block Sweatshirt. The one with red sleeves and a gray chest. S-XL. $38. This design is a Pre order only( not a stock one), so get your order in now. We will be taking orders until Tues Nov 19th. Also- we now have a few (we literally printed 15!!!) of the Color Block Deer Sweatshirts in AND, we kept hearing from you guys that you wanted the deer tee
in bigger youth sizes-Done! Now available in 8,10 and 12!!!

As always, thanks for shopping locally ;)

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