Saturday, February 24, 2018

Big Box Sale....Swag, Chicken Minis and the Police!

I got my first photo at 4:33am from Courtney Overturf of the line that had already formed and was waiting on our big box sale to open. I think I have pregnancy insomnia or something and couldn't sleep. And I really couldn't go back to sleep after I saw that. Excited and Amazed and Grateful to everyone who crawled out of bed to come to our annual sale.

  I learned that the first folks arrived at 3:30am!!! (we weren't even scheduled to open until 7am) And it did rain on and off on these people too. TROOPERS!!!
The very first person in line was young Kylie Christy who even sang me a little jingle she made up about the sale.We posted it on our Facebook page if anyone wants to hear it
 Made. My. Day!
To show our appreciation, we had trays of chicken mini's passed around with little bottled waters to the early risers.

Thank you Julie Emory for picking up the food and serving it with a smile. I loved that they called you the "Hospitality Crew".
We also handed out Mr P's seat cushions to the first 15 people in line.  #MrPsSwag

  We opened the doors a few minutes before 7am. The usual two funny brothers (Robby and Brent) were the "bouncers" and "DJ's" and helped to keep the line moving.
The doors are about to open....And here they come!!!

They had everything from Tool to Prince to Cajun music playing. HA!
   Big thank you to my very very sweet friends for giving up their Saturday morning to come help with this event. I love ya'll- Kourtney, Julie, BreAnne, Eva, Beth, Allison, Kathryn, and Erin. You guys make me look organized!!!

And thank you to my mom and sister for watching our kids while we were working. #takesAVillage
  Here are a few pics from the morning. I loved spying some of these online :)

 BYOB (Bring your own bacon!!) Love!!

Did I mention that the cops even showed up!!! They were nice and asked if there was anything they needed inside!! 

We are working hard to get the remaining items online. It will probably take until Sunday before it is ready. I'm moving slow folks!!!  We will post on Facebook and Instagram as soon as it is.  It will be on our website Prices are the same as from the sale:
$10 all youth
$12 Adult Short Sleeves and Tanks
$15 Adult Long Sleeves and Raglans
$20 sweatshirts

Please no discount codes used with these online sale items. All sales final and we will keep it up online until Tues Feb 27th at 10am.

And We will be announcing the winners of our Brand Rep competition on Monday (this week has been CRAZY!!)

Thank you for reading and supporting us!


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