Thursday, February 15, 2018


YAY!!! It is finally (almost) here....Our BIG annual box sale is coming VERY SOON... on Saturday, Feb 24th from 7:00am-11am in West Monroe, LA. The location is the same as the past two years- at Ark La Tex Window & Door on North 7th Street in West Monroe.  Why do we have it here?? This is Brent's (Mr P's Co Owners) "Real" job location. He and his dad have this business and it has the most covered space we can find (plus parking) and not have to rent a building.

The actual address is 2804 North 7th Street~ down the road from Trenton Street Golf Course and Hot Tots Consignment. Hope these little maps help....

We are opening up the doors a little earlier than last year. Start time is 7:00AM. Here is a few pics from last year.

Here is some basic info for ya that we get asked a lot.....
"What time should we get there?" As early as possible-especially if you are wanting to snag youth shirts. The 2t's,4t's and 6t's seem to be what goes the fastest. Next would be the Adult mediums.

"What kind of payment are you guys taking?"- Cash and Debit/Credit only. No checks at all. We will have 3-4 check out lines. Some will be cash only and others with be debit/credit only.  Please note that there are NO exchanges after this event. All sales final. 

"Will you still have the sale if it rains?"- YES! The sale will happen rain or shine. Please note that shoppers will be standing outside while they wait to come in. If you think it might start raining, please bring an umbrella. We haven't seen an extended forecast yet.

"How do you get in the Door?"- You just wait in line. First come, first serve. It doesn't cost anything to come shop. We try to get around 15 or so shoppers in the door at a time (due to fire marshal). We ask that people try to take 15 minutes or less so everyone can get a chance to look. Our "bouncers" at the event try to keep the line moving.

"How are the clothes organized?" They will all be in boxes labeled by what size they are. There will be everything from baby sizes on up to Adult X. Please note that our youth shirts run Small- So... if your child normally wears a 3t in Carter's, you will want to look at a 4t in our shirts.

"Will you put anything for sale online?" YES! After the box sale is over, we will start posting as soon as we get the sale items on our website ( They will be listed for the same exact prices that were at the box sale.

"What are the Prices??" 

"Since I'm your friend, can I please come shop earlier that week?"  Please no. Please don't ask. We try super hard to make it fair for everyone. The only folks we let shop early are our handful of volunteers who give up their Sat morning to come help us work the event for free. 

We appreciate all the excitement over this sale!!! We promise to have a tray or two of Chicken minis being passed around again for all the early birds in line.

Stay tuned for results of our Brand Rep Search results.
Deadline to enter is TODAY (Feb 15th by 6pm). On Instagram only.
We will announce the winners on Monday Feb 26th. This gives us time to print out all the entries and go through them carefully.

*** Also- We will be back at the Monroe Junior League Spring Market again with all new designs- March 23rd-25th at the Monroe Civic Center.

Thanks for reading-

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