Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ruston Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot last weekend in Ruston, LA. Have I told you guys how much I love that town?? Some of the best years of my life were my college days at Tech. Cant believe that was 15 years ago!!
   Luckily, the stars aligned for us. I had been wanting to do a shoot with our Adult Brand Rep~ Brooke Kenney and her cute boyfriend Connor. Brooke is living in Ruston, and Connor (who is a REALLY good sport!) is currently in his 2nd year of medical school in Little Rock. We had to time it when he would be in Ruston visiting her and it had to be on a Saturday since he has school on Fridays and Mondays.

  One thing I have figured out in this whole Mr P's Clothing line thing, I am not a professional photographer and I am not a stylist. Im just a girl who likes to put her art work on shirts. I remember Melanie Massey one time talking about how you want to surround yourself with the best team of people possible and that is what we try to do. With that said,  I texted photographer Breanne Adele Mertz who also lives in Ruston to see if she was free for a shoot. Bre is very talented and had done a few photo shoots for us before like last years Sorority one and the Mardi Gras one. She and her sisters were the girls who posed with "Abby the horse" during the summer too.
 I was so pumped to hear that she was free and excited to do the shoot. I then called Katie Bonnette who owns Rodeo Boutique in Ruston to see if she would pull some items for Brooke to wear with our shirts. Katie always delivers!! I love Rodeo and I love Katie! Def worth driving over to Ruston from West Monroe to go shop at.
 So, we met early last Saturday morning to get some nice light and hopefully beat the traffic. We mainly walked up and down Park Ave and got our photos there.
They were really cute together! 

We stopped by Social Bites,

posed in front of Raw's shiplap/pallet wall

and continued down beside Sue Paperie.
Connor ended up having to fetch a bunch of stuff from the car quite a few times. He was such a  trooper. Loved the pic of him with his Ray Bans, Button up and the #1 Dog tee.
 We kept walking down near Sundown Tavern (I love their jalapeƱo bread!!) and came across some cool open areas of exposed brick.

There was the neatest Angel Wing mural on the wall that stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Angels Among Us" by Trent 2015...  Not sure who Trent is, but good job my friend.

The colors were perfect with what Brooke was wearing and it fit perfect with our "artist + hunter" vibe we try to project.
I love how Katie made our shirts work with a more dressed up look. So many times people think our shirts can only be worn with jeans, but this is just not the case.

 Bre took quite a few in that area. The lighting was just so good.
We put a small White Tiger Tee on Brooke and knotted it on the side with that leather skirt from Rodeo. She looked Bad *SS!! 

And then Connor in an old window area. 

And one of Connor inside Sundown near some cool wall mounted cactus pots. I liked seeing all the textures in this photo.
Sundown has this really cool patio area with funky chairs hooked on the walls and lots of exposed brick. If you have not ever eaten there, I strongly encourage! The Sweet potato fries are delicious. 

 Bre then spied a neat spot over towards the train tracks in an abandon building.
We headed over that way and got some casual pics in the gumbo shirts and our hats.

So easy, so low key. Loved being around these folks. The whole thing was done in an hour. My mama has always told me that "when it works, it works." and when you keep having to "push and push to try to make something happen, you just need to walk away". Great advice Mom. :)
  I grabbed a cupcake from Social Bites on my way home
and had a smile on my face all the way back down I-20.
Thanks for reading-

Like the shirts used in these photos,

They are all available online at or at Rodeo Boutique in Ruston, LA.  Youth sizes are available at The Children's Shoppe in Ruston and Monroe, LA.


  1. Angel wings by Trent Soto, "Among the Discarded" Google or Facebook him, Ruston' s own artist, film maker, and much more.

  2. Thank you for letting us know!! We will check him out!!