Sunday, February 15, 2015

Natchitoches Art Retreat~Meatpies, Meatpies and Drawings

Got to get away to Natchitoches this weekend to work on all of our Spring/Summer designs. We had a handful of custom orders pending and lots of ideas in our heads for the upcoming season, but nothing on paper. Hated to go Valentines weekend, but seemed to be only weekend that would work. Brent watched the two P's so I could get leave and design. I can't tell y'all how much I enjoy these weekends away to myself to relax, unwind and create art.  Thanks Hubs!!!
 I booked a room at
The Jefferson House Bed & Breakfast (
. It had good reviews on Trip Advisor and I liked the fact that it looked out onto the Cane River, plus, at $100 a night- this was a steal for a B&B. My room was on the bottom floor.
Nice big king bed with room for me to spread out. The view of the river was beautiful.
I've been to Natchitoches a few times before and always stayed at B&B's. Once on a fun Girls trip that my friend Keena planned and another time to see one of my favorite sorority sisters, Jamie Gressett, get married.  Keena went with me to it too~When I think of Natchitoches, I always think of her. ;)  Truthfully, I don't think I've ever stayed at a bad B&B in the whole town.
  Once settled and got my warmups on, I immediately got to work. The buffalo was the first one created.
I have been picturing him in my head for a few weeks now.
Brent says it looks like the wind is blowing his beard. :) 
A couple of hours later,  I headed into town and ate an early dinner with all the old folks at The Landing (
Best meal I had on the trip!!! Seafood Gumbo, meat pies and bread pudding!!! Delicious!!! (I put my low carb diet on hold for the weekend to enjoy myself). Then, back to work. 
  On a side note, I am one of those people who has to have constant noise around them- esp when I draw. This might be music or a TV going in the back ground. Can't explain it, but HAVE TO HAVE. When I had turned on the TV in my room, it was on The History Channel. Not a station I normally watch (who has time for TV anyway?!?), but I kept it on there for the "noise factor". OMG- the greatest show was on- Vikings!!! (  Have u seen it?? It must of been Viking Marathon day because I literally watched/listened to it all night long. It reminded me of Sparticus- but on a PG rated level. May want to check this out Ashley Murray.  Don't want to give too much away, but maybe watching this show rubbed off on some of the drawings....
 Next morning, I went for a jog around downtown

on those cool brick streets
and then met one of our retailers Katie Summerall (who owns Beaux and Molly's) for breakfast at Lasyone's. (
Yep- I did it- had a meat pie for breakfast with my eggs and grits. Great to visit with her and hear her ideas.
After seeing her cute store

I went shopping for the kids at a few places. Love that old hardware store~ Kaffie Frederick General Mercantile (
Ya'll know the one,with the big register.
     And then, back to drawing. 
  The Viking marathon was now over and I listened to all of these shows about Snipers, Navy Seals and Soldiers. I kept thinking about Beau Saucier and his stints in Iraq/Middle East. Mental note---Got to go see American Sniper. Lots of work was produced before I headed off to lunch (hello BEAVER)
at Merci Beacoup. Yep- more mini meat pies
(Im an addict!) and a sandwich. Busy place with good food. And then back to drawing. Do you see a pattern here?!? Draw,Eat,Draw, Eat, Draw...
  That evening, the local Mardi Gras parade
was coming  (everyone was waiting patiently) so I walked down to Mama's Oyster House to eat (and have a Cosmo)and watch from inside
. Two thumbs down for this place on food. Good atmosphere and sweet bartender but the Oysters Rockefeller
and the marinated crab claws were terrible.  Only the little pieces of bread on top of the oysters tasted good. Both of the items wereVery fishy smelling and tough to eat. Should of stayed the course and ate meat pies!! Stayed up working on more designs and then crashed.
 Sunday morning rolled in and I went for a 4 mile run hoping to scout out a nice big interesting oak tree. Found a bunch
!! I ate breakfast this time back at the B&B. There was a sweet couple there from Downsville and another from Texas. Breakfast was grits, bacon, eggs, biscuits, pineapple, etc. Herman the owner was a good cook. I finished a couple more drawings before it was time for check out and then went back to the trees I saw earlier to photograph. Lunch was TOGO from Maglieaux's On the Cane. (
Awesome Breadpudding!! Only complaint- no meat pies on menu.. :)  The whole trip took 2 hours to get there. Nice place to travel without being too far. Can't wait to show y'all what is coming for spring!! 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to find out more info on our once a year box sale.....IT is happening THIS COMING Saturday


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