Sunday, February 22, 2015

Big Box Sale Recap

Wow- the BIG box sale was bigger than we thought- thank you so much for all of you that waited in line in the cold and in the rain at times. Someone told me this was "The Black Friday of Tees"!!
We had it all lined up by size from Adult XXL to Baby sizes. 

Check out the line!!! All the way to North 7th street....
We never dreamed  2 1/2 years ago that we would have people lined up for a big sale on our tees 

So thankful for the volunteers we had help us.
Brent's brother Robby was the "bouncer" who controlled traffic coming in and out. Brent was working the HomeShow at the Civic Center so he couldn't be there. Robby did a good job making sure it didn't get too chaotic. Jordan, MaKenzie, and Staci all helped with counting shirts and checking out. I think everyone seemed pleased with their finds!!
And here I am trying to add and run cards throughout he square as fast as I could. 
We had a ton of merchandise in the boxes and prob sold about 70% of it.
People were stocking up-esp in the youth sizes. At $10 each, Reg $24-26,  this was the biggest bargain!! We loved seeing this little baby boy named Reid in the "Baby Box"
And here was adorable Avalynn in her new Eagle tee

. And it was great seeing a few dudes in the crowd shopping for themselves and for the women in their lives. Hey Casey!
Hey Cliff!! Awesome to come in your Bayou Bullfrog tee!!!
And say hello to pretty Meredith who showed up in her Rebel baseball tee...
And here was Amber who stopped in and picked up a tank. 
And then we got to see another Amber who came in wearing her Duck Taylor sweatshirt. This is one of my favs!!!
And Mr P's favorite girl Breelynn stopped in hoping to see him with her mother Eva. 

I was shocked at the distance people drove to come- Rayville, Ruston, Columbia, etc. thank u!! Big thank u to my sweet sister Holly who watched the two P's so we could have this sale. And thank you to Diana Wade who brought us Chick Filet- what a treat!!!!  

  I keep having people message me saying they missed the sale and could I post what is left- check out our Instagram page under Mrpstees.

We have a list going on it as to what is left up for grabs.  I'm sending out pay pal invoices to everyone. 

 Can't wait to see you guys at Spring Market at the Monroe Civic Center March 12-15th. We splurged and got 2 booths this year!! All new spring/Summer items arriving weekly ;)

Thanks for reading-

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