Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is that Rack Real??!

We had a new Deer design come out this Fall that we named the Big Rack Deer. Did u ever wonder if these designs are "real" or just based off photographs in magazines
or from Goggle???We do have a ton of Deer hunting mags laying around the house that would be easy to copy, but.... We try hard to keep everything authentic and have a story behind it.
So, back to the deer design... It should of been named The-One-That-Got-Away!! Brent hunted that deer all last year. This big horned deer started popping up on his camera here and there and Brent became a man on a mission!!! He wanted that Buck, and that Buck only. For those of you hunting widows out there, I'm sure u know how the feaver/frenzy takes over your man and all he can think about is this one animal. Man vs Animal....well, to make a long story short, it really became Man vs Man and Brent's buddy Josh Rogers won. Yep- the buck showed up around Josh's stand one day, and Josh got em. Voila~
Brent was happy for his hunting club buddy and long time friend, BUT, he was a little heart broken too. We decided to make Josh's trophy buck this year's Deer design. I was able to base the drawing off of the mount.
Josh is married to pretty Ashley Storm Rogers who is very creative ( she does photography) and they have a son named Tripp who Mr P adores!!!
 Local Deer, Local Family, etc etc. . So, yes- our designs are "real"!!
Here is a pic of local Beauty Julianne Tippen who modeled our Deer Camo Baseball tee in a photo shoot for BayouLife Magazine.
We sold out of these baseball tees at Christmas, but have one more batch of 24 of them coming in by Jan 15th. They are S-XL and $36. We will post as soon as they are back in stock. 
   I'm happy to say that Brent was able to get the big one he wanted THIS season. Thank U God!!! It came right at Christmas and this 10 pt was the best present ever for him.
Stay tuned to see if this one will end up on a shirt next year ;)

On a side note~ our limited edition Mardi Gras shirts will be out soon. We have them coming out in two different adult colors  (in sizes S-XXL) and one kids color (2t-youth 12). All of them will be long sleeves. We will post as soon as they are available!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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