Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Art Retreat and all about the Dachshund

A month or so ago, I got to get away for a long weekend to Vicksburg. I love that place! This is my second time to go over there to create art. It's the perfect distance from home. Not too far in case the kids need me and just right down I-20. This time around, I stayed at Cedar Grove Inn.  ( It had good reviews on Trip Advisor and I remember seeing it last time and thinking it was gorgeous.
Here are a few pics around the main mansion.

I stayed in the old pool house room.
It didn't have the best lighting, but the bed was comfy
                                                           and the claw tub was cool
I got to eat at my favorite place~ Walnut Hills~
                                                        for dinner on Friday night.


                                                             (a sample of their menu)

I can't get enough gravy!!!!

And I got to eat The Tomato Place for lunch
They have the best fresh squeezed lemonade.

I did go for a nice run in the Vicksburg National Park Saturday morning, but for the most part, I  pretty much stayed in the bed with all my pencils and extra fine tip sharpies and worked worked worked. We had a few custom designs I worked on such as the Riverfield Raider.
This was created specially for my ole sorority sister Lillian Greer. It is at the printer now.

 And got a cool vintage style design for Equinox Jazz Orchestra  

 Like my hubs says "these guys are good, respectable good" which is a huge compliment coming from Brent. They will be selling this shirt on their tour all over the nation.. Here is how the shirt turned out..
 I was so pumped to get to do this for Clay Johnson and Jeremy Davis. Their band "Howard Shaft" was my fav back in my college days. "it's a Bird, It's a plane, It's Howard Shaft!!!" So proud of these guys and all they have and are accomplishing!!

  I also worked on a new Mardi Gras design to come out soon.........

 And, I got to draw the now famous Dachshund design.
Never knew weenie dogs were so popular!! This idea started about 9 weeks ago with a comment from Katie McGowan on IG that we should do a weenie dog design.
This was the actual conversation....

Then, fast forward to another Katie (Summerall) who has Beaux and Molly's in Natchitoches. She requested a Dachshund design too. She said her store was becoming known for having Dachshund items.  So, I drew the little guy out and sent the pic to Katie S. in Natchitoches. She loved it. And then, a week later, I showed Katie M.  the drawing at Cedartown.  She was so excited about  it which made me feel good. ;). So, that is how he came to be!! Here is Katie M with her two little babies, Allie and Maggie.
 and then here is Katie S with her late twin sisters dog, Denton, that she inherited.
Know this dog means the world to her! Here he is riding around in her car.
 We have one more batch of these sweatshirts and baseball tees coming in right before Christmas.
My kiddos had on the youth versions this past weekend at Kiroli Park. 

Here is Pearson in a 4t and Phoebe in a 2t. Love the neon blue sleeves. :)

Speaking of dogs, is there a breed u wish we would do???

We appreciate all the support and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. As always, thanks for reading! To order online, go to

Trying to get a good pic for a Christmas card...

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