Thursday, April 10, 2014

You call 'em Sac A Lait, We call 'em White Perch...

Never knew the White Perch was such a big deal!! But, my husband did. And who knew one little fish would have so many different names. I was clueless!!  Brent has been pushing for this shirt since Jan. I did my part and drew a white perch aka crappie aka tin mouth aka speck, etc etc etc .... while I was on a self imposed art retreat in Vicksburg a few months ago.
(first I drew him in pencil and then I went over it in ink)
Mr White Perch

I even threw in a Black Perch for good measure.
That will make him happy!! Over Achiever!!! Lol. And then the design process began and it went on and on and on and on. I think this one took longer than the Krewe of Black Bayou design.
One fish?
Two Fish?

Red Fish?
(Ok- there is nothing red on this, but you get the idea...we moved those fish around a BUNCH)

Blue Fish?

I felt about as mixed up as Dr Sues. Loved this model....

We decided it needed to have all the different names incorporated in it but how?? I tried a bunch of different ways.
Everything was competing with itself. Words vs Fish and no one was winning. Then, I tried to "reel" (get it!! hahaha)  it back in with Brent's Suggestion.

I hand wrote all the different names out in this one. We were getting warmer, but it was hard to read. I really do not have the best handwriting. 
Im sure Jeff the graphic design guru was getting frustrated with us on this. He suggested using different fonts on the computer. Ok- so I went home and got to work....AGAIN!

And Voila!!! YES!!! THIS WAS IT!!! Thank the good LORD. :) Brent was happy, I was happy, everyone was happy. 

 The gang at the printer sent me a pic of the first one that came out. I was pleased. Brent was pleased. Everyone was pleased! hahahah I made Brent go outside and pose in his shirt..
He was not in the mood. Please smile Brent..
and one quick one with Mr P

So, here is the finished product on Roger.
He is shown wearing an XL. The shirt comes in adult sizes only. S-XXL  $28. We have them available online at OR in town at KSera in West Monroe. They are open M-Sat 10am-6pm. This would make an excellent gift for Easter or Fathers Day.
As always, thanks for reading ~ Happy fishing!!

(Riding on the trails in "Daddy's Jeep" fun fun)


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