Friday, April 4, 2014

New Exclusive Retailers!!!

We are super excited and proud to let ya'll know where our designs are now being sold at exclusively in the Northeast Louisiana area....
 Our Monroe location is the fabulous Herringstone's on Forsythe Ave.
(This was a pic I took back at Christmas time of all of their pretty decorations)
This unique boutique just had their 25th anniversary (Big Congrats!!) and is owned by the very hardworking sister duo~Debbie Herrington and Cindy Stone.
They have been carrying our adult women designs since this past Fall.  We just dropped off a batch of our ole school NLU Indian tanks,
Pelican tanks, Deer tanks and our very popular maxi dresses in the Louisiana Proud Honey Bee and our Southern Giraffe
Here is a pic of both of them that they recently posted on Instagram.
Their Lafayette location will also be carrying these dresses and our pelican tank. Cant wait to have more of our designs down in Cajun Country :)

 Our new exclusive West Monroe location is K Sera at the foot of the Louisville Bridge.
They are now stocked up with our baby onesies, youth tees and adult designs.
(Love the display that Clint did)
We are thrilled to be here and working with the super sweet Kelly Block and creative genius Clint Downing.  I just popped in and saw two of their employees wearing our new Navy Pelican Maxi. Precious!!
Looks adorable on a pregnant girl (Melissa)  and a non pregnant girl (Caitlyn)  :)  Melissa is due in about 6 weeks with a little baby girl. I remember wearing these dresses when I was pregnant last year with Phoebe and they felt GOOD!!! Esp in our Louisiana Heat!! K Sera has made it one stop shopping for the whole family by carrying all of our sizes from 3-6month all the way up to adult XXL. Here is a pic of our special Southern Giraffe tees.
They have them in brown and gold. This is one of our "Shirts that Give Back". 15% of the sale of these tees goes to help local missionary Kay Frost and her Transform Tanzania Project. 
And this little guy is named Chael. LOVE seeing this pic of him in our v neck youth honey bee tee, ripped jeans and his converse. COOL, COOL, COOL!! These tees are for sale at K Sera. $24 each.

 And finally,...We are in Ruston at Rodeo Boutique at 116 W Park Ave.
(It used to be where Lewis's was many moons ago). They have been open in Ruston for 4 years now and is owned by the very outgoing Katie Bonnette and her business partner Shanna Boudreaux. Shanna started the Rodeo in Baton Rouge about 10 years ago. I got to know Katie through our mutual friend Jill May.
They have the best bathing suits by LSpace and PilyQ there. You may of seen their bill board on I-20 near the Wells Road Exit in West Monroe. They just got in our pelican tanks
and the Bee and Giraffe Maxi's.
Just got put out on display!!

(Here is a pic of one of the most genuine people I know~ Diana Wade. She wore the Bee Maxi out to dinner the other night to Nonna). 
Our tanks and maxi's are perfect to pull on over that new swimsuit :). We are very excited to have our adult line at this location.
 We will also be stocking back up Patton's Western Wear in Lake Charles after Easter Weekend. Will def be blogging more about that in a few weeks.

 And as always, we ship all over America. So, feel free to order any design online at

Thanks for reading

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