Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fashion Fusion

Wow! What a night?!! Fashion Fusion was great. We had such a good time and loved seeing all the dancers and models strutting their stuff. This was our first time to have a big segment in the show. Last year, 3 boys wore our tees in with another Children's Boutiques segment. But this year, we went all out!! Debbies School of Dance and The Children's Coalition have put this event on for a few years now. Debbie's teachers choreograph the whole thing. When I was told we were assigned the "Happy" song, I honestly had never heard it before. (this Mama needs to get out more) HAHA! I now hear it everywhere and it's Mr P's favorite song to dance too. Our 7 girls and 2 boys practiced very hard. They were Tamyra, Kylah, Lizzie, Kaylee, Breanna, Bailey, Addy, Jordan and Jon Michael. All aged around 10-12 years old.
(this was them practicing for weeks before hand in the studio)
Love these kids! We ended up dressing them in our tees and tanks with leggings,denim shorts and our matching Mr P "Tom" shoes on the girls. The boys wore our tees, jeans, sports coats and converse with orange shoe laces. Brent thought it was important for the kids to have on lots of color, so we made sure all the leggings and tees were bright and "Happy!".
  When we arrived to the event at the West Monroe Convention Center, the lobby was was full of people looking in awe at the two beautiful woman flower arrangement that sat atop two large wooden spools.
Clint Downing had worked his magic!! Our friend Julie Emory greeted us inside.
(I wore our Black Honey Bee maxi dress with a wrap-it was COLD outside)
She now works for the Children's Coalition. She is a fellow West Monroe and La Tech grad. Our table had a cool burlap arrangement on it with a platter of cheese for us to snack on during the show.
Our friends who joined us were Diana, Jill, Amy, Rachel, Leigh and Allison. Love this group of ladies who are beautiful on the inside and out.
Im sure Brent enjoyed being the only dude in the group surrounded by all of us. :) I was so excited Rachel was in town from Dallas and was able to come.
(She and Julie were KD's together at Tech)
 We even got to see Kelly and Tommy Block's son, Beau, running around in our deer tee at the event. Love it!!
  The show itself was very entertaining. We loved getting to see Tommy Perkins model (and Flip~ Amazing moves for an old timer!! hahaha  Just kidding Tommy) for J & H Boots and Jeans.
And we also saw Taylor Antley (our cousin) strutting her stuff for Salt and Pepper. She cheers for WMHS.
I snuck back stage before our kids performed to wish them good luck and snap some pics. Got them smiling
and got them showing some attitude!!
So funny!! The boys looked precious
and the logos really showed up on their tees.
We even got a shoe pic too.
After this, I hurried back to my seat to see the rest of the show.
 Our kids did wonderful.

They got the crowd clapping to the music and really seemed like they were enjoying themselves. We were one of the last to perform. After the show, 6 of us headed to dinner at Nonna. Late night for us old folks, but a fun one!!We will def do this again.
Thankful to have this man as my life parter AND business partner. :)

As always, thanks for reading...cant wait to show ya'll the latest we are working on.


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